The Evolution of the U.S. Peering Ecosystem

Hi all -

I've been working on documenting some of the significant disruption from and aftermath of the Telecom collapse of 1999/2000, focusing specifically on the operations community and the Peering Ecosystem in particular. I spent a lot of time speaking with Peering Coordinators to document the first order effects and some of the second order effects of the bankruptcies. I found some pretty interesting and fundamental changes in how the Internet is interconnected. Several new players have had a huge impact on what I call the "Internet Regional Peering Ecosystem." I presented a draft of this research at the GPF VII in Ashburn, Virginia last month and would love to have a few more reviewers give it a read and provide feedback.

I pasted the abstract below. Thanks!


Hi Bill,
I'd be happy to review your paper.
Hope you're doing fine in the US, in these times of turmoil.
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