The DDOS problem & security BOF: Am i mistaken?

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contains "So Harris banned me from NANOG." . Not sure if thats the
meeting,the NANOG list, or one of the NANOG/Merit other lists.
Also, in :

IADL Dentistry – My Dental Blog

  I see "So, effective May 4 2005, Harris again banned Anderson.
the new "reformed" rules require a limit of 6 months, Anderson
remains banned
as of April 16th, 2006. It seems permanent."

  but I think that refers to another NANOG group, dnsop.

Yeah and he still doesn't learn :wink:


iiNet a reasonably sized Aussie ISP has a web page
(specifially part of the 'My Account' page) where
you can, with a simple check box, choose to have
commonly abused ports blocked *for outgoing
connections* or not.

That's great, and an excellent solution. Unfortunately many of the larger
providers here in the United States are not as enlightened from my
experience. Of course, YMMV.

-Justin Scott

For an account of Mr. Sullivan's assertions that IP blocks used by AV8
Internet are hijacked.

I'm going to put up a page fairly soon about Mr. Vixie's changing
support of SORBS. It seems that many people don't like SORBS, and to
those people, Vixie says he has nothing to do with SORBS. But to others,
Vixie is willing to discuss the SORBS business model '1x1'.

Hmm. Sounds like that intercage discussion a bit.