the crap mail flood and the nanog culture

you might think that with all the committees, boards, badges, ... that
there was an actual operator in the nanog resume building circle who
would actually do something useful about the crap mail flood now into
its second day.


I have been discarding it for more than two days!

In response to "you might think", that would assume that there is a formal belief that abuse of the network (even revenue abuse) is bad.

I’ll certainly say this was frustrating for me. I got a fair amount via NANOG and a fair amount directly as well all with an easy pattern to mitigate.

It took me until today to realize that the list was still working and did not dump me for rejecting all the messages at the SMTP layer.

My understanding is that only one person has access to the mail server to put it in emergency mode or mitigate the damage. Perhaps someone can post the escalation policy for the list somewhere so it can be mitigated faster next time?

- Jared

I'd actually like to go as far as to say that the same can be said about
certain hosting provider's abuse departments, and RBL operators too...

Yet, if ACME Nuts & Bolts with a small VPS at some random hosting provider
sends ONE spam message, their servers are shutdown almost no questions
asked (never mind a good number of what, hundred thousands, over a period
of days) -sigh-

It's amazing how 'fair' the playing field on the Internet has become.

Maybe a committee with authorization by the board has to create a task force to address the problem.


The unequal treatment we see here is why, so many years ago, I fought and
threatened to rhsbl .mail. We've built the walled garden anyway, and now
we're damned for it.

Need to get authorization to get authorization to seek out bids for a contractor to begin work on soliciting feedback on a proposed authorization to create a task force.