The CIX and the NSFNET regionals - a dilemma


I've had retail service customers since 1985, i have had user's groups
meetings 3-4 times a year since 1986, I know who pays the bills, and I
don't have a big university to back me if I fail, or a government agency
to pay me regardless if it works. Trust me, I'm properly motivated.

I don't think I pooh poohed VAF, in fact I didn't even respond to his
posting yet, so relax your over-reacting.

John Curran's posting from nearnet says that my tremendously detailed
engineering solution called "tuning" (see my upcoming paper in IEEE
Networks) works for 115 - 20 of his organizations. That's not too bad
given the big R&D budget of the last few days.

I kind of disagree on the need for an immediate DAMN good answer, given
the many upcoming changes I see 3-4 answers over the next 18months as
things evolve. And I see them being done cooperatively with little
in the way of emotion or rancor.


PS: despite the intensity i do appreciate the statement that you believe
  that I'm doing my customer a service by using the CIX.