The Cidr Report

Bill et al,
> It may only be a trend as seen from the boxen.

is basically AGIS full table union Sprint full table union
UUnet full table union

For reasons two complicated to go into I've got entirely
different full routing on a box in London, and yes, it's
a different size (smaller actually last time I looked).

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks

  Does this call into question the idea that there is a
  single "default-free" view of the Internet?

  My box is attempting to collect a view of the routing
  system as seen at a particular point in the topology.
  While this may not be interesting to Randy, others
  might find it useful.

  I would be interested in tracking the views as seen at
  a number of different places in the topology. The deltas
  between the growth in the number of widely dispersed routes
  vs the local varience would be an interesting number to