The Cidr Report

Well I did a bit of digging at the sudden difference we are seeing. A
lot of this points to different levels of aggregation at different
points in the Internet. I took a dump from Bill's box at ?LA? and from the router I use at Mae-east and saw one immediate example of
this. Here's the prefixes announced out of the 206.16/16 (belongs to
CERFNET) block.


The as6332 (after a bit of digging) belongs to a customer of ours. I was
unaware that they were announcing any routes out alternate paths, or using an
AS to do it (they do not bgp peer with us). I'll have to talk to them tomorrow.

As for Bill's router sandbox, he said he wanted ALL routes, not just our
routes, so I hadn't put any filters/aggregation in place for his peer.
I've removed the peer for now until I can "fix" it and send out just the

Bill, I should have it up tomorrow afternoon, too tired to work on it now...