The Cidr Report

"What's wrong?" She asked, hearing the frustration in my voice.

"It got bigger." I said.

"What, your penis again?" She said, outside of the door. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah, it's open." I said. My wife, Amanda, opened the door, peaking her head in. I smiled, because she looked so adorable peaking in like she was seeing a secret. I stood there, fully erect, with the tape measure in my hand.

She smiled at me, then look at my penis. "Ugh, do you have to use the tape measure, we use that for the sewing. It's unsanitary."

"It's easier to measure with this. Also it's the only way I can measure around. Besides, I wash it." I said.

"You wash the tape measure?" She said, confused.

I paused. "Yeah."

"Right." She said. She then grabbed my penis, and examined it closely. "hm...It's hard for me to tell, I'm playing with it everyday. How big is it now?"

"9.7 inches long, 6.3 around." I said. Holding my little notebook in my hand. "I really don't want to pass 10 inches..."

My wife took it from my hand, and looked at it. "Wait, this says you were 9.2 inches long and 5.9 around?"

"Yeah."I said.

"That can't be right, you grew that much in just two weeks?" She said, confused.

"Yes, it is. You helped me measure that time, remember?" I said.

"Yeah, let me measure you now, you probably did it wrong." She said, taking the tape measure. She spun it around the shaft of my penis, in the middle. My shaft was oddly uniform, with no significant changes in girth up and down the shaft. "Ok did mess up..."

"What?" I asked.

"You did make a mistake. You are just past 10 inches long...and 6.6 around"

"God dammit, that's almost an inch longer in 2 weeks..." I said, frustrated. When I first realized I was growing, it was great and all, but now I was getting to a point where I was worried that it was causing my wife some discomfort. She would adapt usually, but the change in size would bother her sometimes. Whenever she would adapt, I would get bigger. I worried about the point when I would get too big for my petite wife. "I guess since it's your hands, it just made me harder."

Amanda's face look the same as it did when I met her. She was 19, now she is 23. She had bright green eyes. She had small facial features, except for her big eyes. Her hair was pitch black, and she never dyed it. She was against that. She never wanted to fall too deeply into her appearance. Which she could easily do, because she had this natural beauty that radiated from her. Everything on her face was cute and well placed, from the freckles across her nose and checks, to the dimples she got only when she was mad.

Amanda was 5'4", weighing a fit 115 lbs. She was very healthy, exercising daily and eating perfectly. She was thin and fit, with a well toned body, a full, awesome ass, and massive, perky, full 30 DD breasts. Her breasts seemingly defied gravity. Even though her body really has no impact on the size of the penis she could take (considering she can still handle my 10 incher), she was always tight down below. Even before I started growing, I needed a good amount of foreplay to even be able to fit my normal 6 incher in there. Now that I'm bigger, I need a lot more foreplay.

"That doesn't make sense, how can you grow that much in just 2 weeks?" She asked.

"I don't know, how can I grow from 6'2" to 6'6" in just 4 months? How can I gain almost 70 lbs, all of it muscle, in just 4 months, without working out? People constantly ask if I'm on steroids...not even body builders gain this much muscle this quickly. And look at my balls! If they get any bigger I'm not even gonna be able to walk correctly." I said. "I'm 25, I shouldn't be having such a big growth spurt."

Amanda just smiled at me. "Tim, I don't understand how you are not liking this. I never thought a guy would be mad that he was getting taller, more muscular, and having a huge penis."

"No, I do like's just...I don't want to hurt you. I'm worried I'll get too big for you." I said.

She snickered a bit. "Tim, I didn't marry you just because of your small penis. My ex was half your size when we got married, and I left him, didn't I?"

I continued the joke. "He's so lucky, being so small. I wish I had a small cock."

"Oh, I totally do to. So tiny I could barely feel it." She said, pretending to daydream.

I laughed a bit. "I don't know...I just worry this might have some negative consequences."

This whole time, Amanda was running her fingers up and down my long shaft. "I have to say, though, I do love how you can stay harder for much longer now."

"Yeah..." I said.

"And how much it stretches me..."

I licked my lips as she slowly moved her face toward my penis, and licked up and down the shaft.

"How it's so thick I can barely wrap my hand around it..." She said, and went back to licking and stroking my penis. "And how much you cum..."

She was right. Over the last 4 months, I've gained so much control over my erections, over the timing of my orgasms, the amount of orgasms I have, when and how much I cum. It's insane. Everyone else would love this. Why am I so frightened of this? I don't want to grow anymore. I want to be normal. Something in the back of my mind just makes me feel like this isn't right. That I need to do something.

I was quickly distracted by this, as her hands and mouth felt amazing, running up and down my shaft. She was on her knees, and she quickly moved around the bathroom mats to ease the pain of her knees. Slowly, licking up and down my now massive shaft. After applying a good amount of saliva to my penis, she tried her best to stick my huge penis head in her mouth. She managed to, but couldn't open her jaw wide enough. Her teeth bothered me at first, but began to feel oddly nice as she used both of her tiny hands to stroke up and down my shaft. She pulled her mouth away. "I am sad that I can't deep throat you anymore..." She said, sticking her tongue out and tapping the tip of my penis with it slowly, and made a sexy smile up at me. She continued to stroke my penis with both her hands.

Eventually, I grabbed her hand, and pulled her up. I pulled her against me, but facing away from me. My penis was on her right side, the difference in our height and the length of my penis brought it high enough for her to stroke it easily. I brought my left hand around, and put it down her pants, and began to stimulate her, as she stroked my penis. I bent down, and she put her head up, and we began kissing. She moaned softly. "God...even your fingers are big." She said, as I softly played between her legs.

This continued for a few moments, as I waited for Amanda's breathing to increase. When this happened, I turned her toward me. Her pants had come off completely at this point, as we kissed. She eventually threw her shirt off, and I followed suite. I eventually picked her up, and we kissed. My penis was under her butt, seemingly holding her up. I made my way out of the bathroom, into the hallway, and put her back against the wall. To my right was the entrance to our house, and to my left was the living room. I lifted her up, and slowly put her onto my penis. I slowly pumped, picking up speed and going deeper and deeper into her, using her reactions and breathing to judge when the perfect moment would be. She was moaning softly. Amanda's reactions to sex, though, were never prominent. She was always quiet, and her face always had a calm, relaxed look on it, regardless of if we were just starting up, or if she was having mind blowing, insane, multi-orgasms
that leave her unable to move. over the years I've known her, though, I've learned to find the subtle hints of her sexuality.

Slowly, I took her off my penis, and set her on the ground. She walked over to a nearby table, and bent over it, sticking her perfect full ass up in the air. I felt like an animal, being lured over to a treat. I slowly stuck myself inside her again, and began going at it. It was passionate, as I slammed myself into her. The table was pounding into the wall and floor, her face and head kept accidently bumping into the wall.

Each position goes on for some time. This last one seemed to be the most she could handle at the moment. I feel the very subtle quiver of Amanda's body, as she has an orgasm, and waves of fluid squirt onto my waist and groin. I continue, and only after a few seconds, she has another orgasm. This time, the quivering lasted for a good minute. She grabbed the end of the table with her hands as hard as she could, and bit her lip, as a third orgasm washed over her body. Her legs went limp, and then regained their stance, only to go limp again as an orgasm hit her again. Finally, she moved up, and I pulled out.

"God...that was the best we've ever had." She said, and sat on the table. She grabbed my penis, and pulled it over closer to her. "Come on." She said, with a smile, stroking me. I looked over at the clock, seeing that we had been going at it for a good 2 hours. I couldn't help but shake this feeling that we were suppose to be somewhere...

She stroked me faster and faster, and I nodded at her, letting her know I was about to cum. I shot my huge load, a massive string of semen flew out of my penis, striking her on the chest, and splashing elsewhere. This was followed by a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. At this point, our door opened up, and Amanda's 2 friends, Rachel and Hannah, walked in.

"Gah!" I said, confused, shooting another load.

"Oh my God!" Rachel said.

"What the...!" Hannah said, at the same time as Rachel.

"Wah...I...guys! Knock!" Amanda said, jumping off the table.

I know I should've just ran into the bathroom, which was 2 feet away. and had all my clothes in it. And had a door that could be easily closed. And a lock. And four walls to easily block the view of others. And is a room meant for doing private business. But I panicked. I backed up, and hit the wall behind me, shooting 2 more loads onto Amanda. I stumbled away from the girls, slipping on the juices me and my wife had left on the floor, falling to 1 knee, and shooting another load well into our living room. I got to my feet and quickly made my way into the living room and up the stairs, dribbling a lot of semen as I went, with my wife shouting at me. "What the...Tim stop!" She said, referring to how much I was cumming.

The two women just stood in the doorway, Rachel with her hand over her mouth, trying to hide her smile, and Hannah looking sort of disgusted, but never looked away.

"Dammit, I'm trying!" I said, stumbling up the stairs as quickly as possible.

It was 3 weeks after I passed the 10 inch mark. Our sex life was better than ever, even though I thought it would be the opposite. Amanda wanted sex several times a day. I never knew I was holding her back these years we were together. The fact that I have gained so much sexual power and stamina allows her to express her sexuality whenever she wanted it, and it was often.

Luckily, this growth spurt happened after I got my job. It was a real good job, laid back. I could mostly work from home if I wanted, but I needed to establish myself, and went into the office often. Most importantly, I had great insurance, and was going to my first doctor's appointment today.

I woke up to Amanda slowly rubbing her finger up and down my chest. "Morning, Mister Giant." She said, with a smile. Her subtle smirk that meant she wanted to have sex.

"Hi." I said, groggily. "I glanced around the room for a second, then back at Amanda. "Sorry about the morning wood." I joked.

"Ha, it just means you are ready." She said. I glanced down, and saw the penis head sticking way out of the waist band of my boxers. "Look, it's past your bellybutton." She said, poking my penis head.

I sighed, frustrated. "I hate this."

"Come on baby, you'll learn to like it. I did, right?" She said.

"I'm past 11 inches..." I said, annoyed.

"You could always do porn. I don't mind." She said, with a cute smile. I laughed a bit, and she looked disappointed for a second. "I really want to go at it...who could say they took an 11 incher? But I got class." She said, with a kiss, and hoped out of bed. Amanda was working at her Masters degree. "Are you gonna be home when I get back?"

"Yeah, my doctor's appointment shouldn't take that long." I said, sitting up, watching her naked body strut to the bathroom. She knew she was turning me on. For a split second, she glanced at me just as she entered the bathroom, her smirk never leaving her face. She wanted to have sex so badly, and I felt bad for her. I just wanted to give her what she wanted. Luckily, she was more responsible than me, and knew when to say no.

"You know," She called out from the bathroom. "I know it's been almost like, a month since the incident." She was referring to her friends, Rachel and Hannah, walking in on us having sex. "Rachel and Hannah have never stopped talking about how lucky I am."

"Why's that?" I asked.

"They seriously think you are the hottest guy ever." She explained. "Even before the growth, they always said you were attractive. But after seeing how big you are, they have been disappointed with every guy since."

"Okay." I said, not sure what to say. I heard Amanda giggle a bit to my apathetic response. "Why do you bring this up?"

"Oh, no reason." She said.

I finally met my new doctor, and was a bit shocked. She looked like she was younger than me, but the degrees around her office proved that she was a professional. She was amazingly sexy. She wore her doctor's coat, but that did little to hide her massive breasts, easily more than double my wife's size. Her doctor's coat was open in the front, and her clothes were professional underneath, but her extremely wide hips and tiny waist were still clearly visible. She was easily 6'4", with short red red hair, and beautiful facial features. She could've easily become successful with just her looks alone, but her awards were too plentiful to be based solely on her appearance. Talk around the office was that she was an amazingly sexy Amazon, but too cold and professional to ever let anything happen.

"You say only 5 months ago you were 6'2"?" She asked.

"Yes a bit less than 5 months ago, and 180 lbs." I explained. "Now I'm passing 290 lbs, and..."

"Yes, 6'7", I was there. I have to admit, it's funny that my nurse was unable to measure your height without my help." She said, and smiled.

"Yeah...well, I'm 25, there is no reason I should be growing this fast..." I said.

"This quick of a growth spurt isn't even common for young adults going through puberty." She said. "But I still need to complete this physical to send back to your offices."

"I would prefer we didn't." I explained. "I'm...well. The growth spurt has impacted my...uh...genitals intensely as well." I said.

"Well, I think that just justifies that I should examine you more." She said, coldly.

"Um...I mean...I've been getting weird reactions from women lately..." I said.

"Sir, I am a professional." She said, almost offended. "Now please."

I sighed, and took off my pants. I expected a look of surprise, but she made more a look of confusion.

"I apologize, I've just never seen such large testicles." She said. "Don't be surprised, I have to examine your testicles to see if this is a liquid build up or cancerous material." She explained, and she moved my 5 inch flaccid penis out of the way, and with her hands in gloves, she cupped my testicles. She slowly rubbed her hangs around my testicles, feeling for cancer or any other irregularities. "This is genuinely shocking. I didn't think human testicles were able to get this large." She explained, each the size of a jumbo egg.

"Yeah, they were never this big, they just keep growing." I said. "And look how big my penis is." I said.

"This size is normal." She said.

"No, because it gets much bigger when it's...uh...erect." I said.

"If you don't mind, could you get erect for me?" She said, again, coldly. She whipped off her glove to write something down, and put on a new one.

"I...think that might be kinda hard for me to do." I said. "I'm kinda nervous at the moment."

"This would help." In her cold way, my doctor quickly got down on her knees, and began tugging at my penis.

"Ah...whoa, what are you doing." I said.

"I know this seems awkward...but I really...must examine you erect." She said. I was confused, as her cold demeanor slowly left her voice. Little by little, she tugged and stimulated with her gloves hands. Even though her shirt was conservative, her breasts were so large, it was hard to hide the cleavage. I quickly grew erect. Inch by inch, it kept swelling. "Oh my..." She said, watching it grow toward her face. Confused, she backed away, but it kept growing toward her. "This big was it before your growth spurt?"

"I'm not sure...I think around 6 inches." I said, as it reached it's full, 11 by 7 erect status. She bites her lower lip, catches herself doing so, and quickly stops. Slowly, she moves her hands up and down my shaft, examining it. "Uh...Doctor?" She ignored me, almost hypnotized by my massive member. It started as her squeezing random parts, looking for something irregular, but over time, she began to simply stimulate me. "Doctor?" I said. She still didn't respond. It took all the will power in my being to turn away from her. "Doctor!" I said, louder.

She snapped out of it, and looked up at me. "Oh my God..." She said, and stood up, and faced away from me. "Oh my God I'm so sorry I've never acted like this before."

"It's alright." I said, in a low volume, but annoyed voice. I would give anything to tear this women apart, but I just kept Amanda's face in my mind. I struggled to put on my clothes with my giant erection still up. I managed to force my erection to the side, almost wrapping around to the side of my hip.

"I am so sorry sir, I apologize. Oh God I can't believe this." She said. "I understand if you want to switch services. I'm so sorry."

"Look, is everything okay?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh yes, I have found nothing cancerous. I will transfer these records to another doctor if you want to go with someone else. Just get a checkup again in a few weeks, and we will compare the results. Some tests will get taken. Again, I am so sorry, I am usually very professional." She said, really quickly.

My erection still at full force, I said goodbye to the doctor, and left the office. On my way out, it was like slow motion, everyone was staring in awe at my giant penis, stretching my pants. I quickly walked to my car, and sat in. My erection was painful, restricted by my jeans, which were small as my lower body added muscle and mass over the weeks.

As I drove, the pain kept building. I undid my pants, and my erection sprang upward, still full and strong. "Dammit." I said, frustrated. This was the first time in my life I wished I had a bigger car, instead of my small efficient one. I just made to make sure I kept moving, any car next to me would easily see my giant erection.

I managed to make it to the stoplight right before my home without an incident. I did my best to hide my erection, when a truck pulled up next to me. I was busy trying to hide it to notice, but when I finally looked over, I saw a car full of beautiful sorority girls, at least 3 of them looking, with the driver attempting to look. "Holy shit that is huge!" The girl in the passenger seat said.

"Hey there!" The one in the backseat said.

"Let me see, how big is it?" One shouted from the backseat.

"Seriously, this guy is bigger than Brad!" The one in the front said.

"I wanna see! Is he cute! Invite him over!"

Oh God, I had to get out of here.

"Hey, you should come to our sorority house. We'll give that giant thing the night it deserves!"

"Uh...sorry, I'm married." I said, trying to tuck my penis in my shirt, angry that I didn't think of that before.

"Oh...he's really buff too."

"He's married though."

At the same time, all the girls said "Aww..."

A piece of paper landed on my lap. "If you ever leave your wife, call me!" She said. "Or if not...whatever!" The light turned green, and I quickly sped off.

I finally made it home, and sat on my bed, masturbating furiously. I was going at it for a good hour, having orgasm after orgasm, and my erection wouldn't subside. Having so many beautiful girls hit on me was too much.

When Amanda finally got home 4 hours later, I beat the record, giving her 8 orgasms during the span of that day.

A week later, I kept watching my body, examining every detail. I was annoyed that my doctor came onto me, but she was the only one I could use to reference my body size, and I wanted this to stop as soon as possible.

Amanda, though, seemed unphased when I told her the story of what happened. She said she couldn't blame the doctor, because I am the hottest man alive. I was slightly annoyed by this. I wanted to be devoted to my wife, the love of my life, and she didn't even care. This was different. I remember when she told me she would " your balls off and stick them so far up your ass that they would come out of yours eyes." if she ever caught me cheating. She was joking...but I could tell that she was deadly serious about cheating. Now, she is...almost encouraging me to cheat. I was more surprised, when after 5 hours of sex that night, she made an odd suggestion.

"So...remember how I said Rachel and Hannah couldn't stop talking about you?" Amanda asked me.

"What? I thought you said they only said I was hot or whatever."

"Yeah, but they always say it." She said, giving me a peck on the nose. "They...they kinda beg me to let them have some of you." She said.

"What?" I was a bit confused. Rachel and Hannah were very attractive girls. They were high school friends with Amanda, and were just as fit as her. Rachel was tall, 6'1". She was small chested, but built like a fitness super model. She had thick, muscular legs, and the best ass I've ever seen. Her stomach had a significant outline of abs, and her shoulders were broad. her arms were defined, as she did weight lift often. She wasn't bulky or manly, but very fit. She was blonde, with green eyes.

Hannah, on the other hand, was exotic looking. She was 5'5", and just as fit as Rachel and Amanda, except more built. She was half Arabic, and had dark skin, hair, and eyes. She was a C cup, with an amazing ass, and very wide hips. This looked amazing on her very small waist.

"I really want them here, with us." Amanda said, completely sincere. "I was kinda scared of your reaction..."

"Wait, you want me to have sex with them?" I asked, confused.

"Well, I want all 3 of us with you, here. In our bed." She said.

I shook my head. "Our bed!?" I felt like something sacred was being defiled. Am I the only, only person, who felt that sex had any special connection to it? "Sex isn't something that should just be thrown around to anyone, Amanda! I Love YOU. Not Rachel, not Hannah, not that fucking doctor. You!"

"I know that!" She said, annoyed that it seemed like I was accusing her of not loving me. "But this isn't something that is permanent. We're young! We should have a bit of fun for a while, you know? Maybe play around now, and then you can devote yourself to me." She suggested.

"I..." I took a deep breath. This was making me incredibly sad.

"You told me yourself, You've only been with 1 girl before me, right?"

"Ya..." I said.

"So you are gonna go your whole life, with only 2 women, and think that will be enough for you?"

"Are you cheating on me?" I asked.


"Why else would you be trying to get me to be with other women? You are trying to soften the blow!?" I said.

"Ew! I would never cheat on you, you asshole!" She shouted, and got out of bed. "I'm giving you an offer. If I wanted to have sex with another guy, I would fucking ask." She said, angry, as she began to put on her clothes.

"This doesn't make sense, Amanda. you've never acted like this. Now that I'm huge, you want to share me?" I said. "My body has changed the way you look at me."

"No you idiot. I changed. I'm different. Everyone changes Tim. I'm willing to keep things the way they are. But I'm more open about changing them. The only thing that changed is that I want to try new things. That's it." She explained. "Stop assuming things. I just want to have fun. If you don't wanna, that's fine. And I'm asking you now, do you want to do this?" She said.

I paused. 3 incredibly sexy women, all focused on me? Amanda really wanted to do this. This should be a dream come true. I think because this is all based in my growth, I'm scared of it. I hate even the good things coming from this growth, but I shouldn't put that onto Amanda. If it will make her's my obligation to do so. "Fine." I said.

She jumped up with joy, like a little kid allowed to do something after begging her parents. "I'll call them right now!" She said. On her phone, she talked fast, explaining the situation. She planned to have the event the next week.

As the day approached, I got really sick. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I could barely move. I laid in my bed for 3 days. The sex party was delayed until the next week.

The day finally arrived. Amanda had been preparing everything. Candles, lube, sexy lingerie. She had Hannah and Rachel tested for any STD's, and made sure they were on birth control. She wanted this to be perfect.

It was 3 weeks since I was last at my doctor, getting measured. Amanda wanted to measure me today though. She started with height.

Standing on the bed, she marked my height on the wall, and then measured with a tape measure. "Haha! That's amazing, you are 6 feet, 8 and a half inches tall!" She said. I cringed. I hated these numbers. Amanda loved them. "Come on, get on the scale. Look how big your arms are getting." She said, almost hypnotized by my large biceps. I stepped on the scale. It spun all the way around, past the 0 once, and back to 15 lbs.

"This is a maximum of 300, right?" I asked.

"Yeah." Amanda said.

"I'm 315 lbs." I said, frustrated.

"My big man!" She said, hugging me around my stomach. She took a deep breath, absorbing my scent that she loved. "Next!" She quickly pulled down my boxers, and tugged on my penis.

"Hold on, if it gets hard, I'm gonna have to have sex with you to make it go flaccid again." I said.

"That's fine. It's not like either of us will have problems getting hot tonight." She said, with a smile. "Close your eyes!" She said. "I want it to be a surprise to you." I listened, and she measured my length, and girth. "My God..." She said, and quickly ran and got her phone.

"What? How big am I?" I asked, confused.

She put up her finger, now on the phone. "Rachel! Guess what! Tonight, we have a foot long penis to play with! Yeah! He got even bigger! It's 7.4 around too. I don't know, a soda can is like...8 inches around. Yeah, everything on him just keeps getting bigger. Of course you can. The bigger he gets, the more help I'm gonna need to get him off. Haha! Oh yeah, of course! He looks like a body builder right now. Except probably bigger. And less shiny. He put on like...50 lbs in 3 weeks. He's huge!"

This whole phone conversation, all I was doing, was staring at my giant penis, looking at it like a curse. An ever growing, swelling, thickening curse. I was turning less and less into a person, but more and more into a being made just for sex.

They both finally came. I was sitting on the edge of my bed, having a conflict of interest. I kept telling myself this was for Amanda. I kept telling myself I wasn't doing this for myself. But once all 3 girls walked in, each in only their bra and panties, I couldn't deny that I wanted this, just like any other guy. My libido overwhelmed any moral conflict I may have had. Amanda had already told me to be naked, so I sat there, with my 7 inch flaccid penis hanging down.

"I forgot how big he was..." Hannah said.

"I told Rachel already, he grew even bigger." Amanda said. "Let's get started." Amanda said, and unhooked her bra, and walked toward me. She pushed herself against me, and we began kissing, my erection slowly forming up. The other 2 girls followed suite, taking off their bras.

Rachel was the first to grab my penis, stroking it as he grew in her hand. " keeps getting bigger." Rachel said, amazed at how big it was growing. Hannah got down on her knees, and sat between my legs as I sat on the bed. She went low, and softly began to lick my balls. Rachel, on the left side of me, softly tugged at my penis, watching as it grew and grew. I watched these two girls intently, as Amanda, on my right side, kissed my neck.

Amanda glanced down, seeing my penis. "It's hard now. Lets get started. I get middle." She said. Hannah shifted over, and Rachel got into place. With Rachel on the left side, my wife in the middle, and Hannah on the right, all 3 of them began to lick up and down my giant foot long penis. I'm not sure who it was, but there was a hand cupping and playing with my balls. The girls alternated kissing each other randomly, while still licking my member. It quickly grew shinny with their saliva. "Lay back." Amanda said, as she got up.

"'s longer than my face." Hannah said, as she put her face against my penis.

Rachel put her arm up next to it, and laughed a bit. "I don't's longer than my forearm, is that thing going to fit inside of me?" The look of awe never left their face this entire time. I was laid back, and Amanda came and sat on my face, facing the 2 women who kept licking and stroking my genitals. I licked and nibbled at Amanda, knowing exactly what got her going, her beautiful ass on my face.

This continued for several moments, until Amanda got up. "Okay, let me take it first, and you guys get warmed up. You can't take this thing without some foreplay." Amanda said, and stood at the foot of the bed where I sat. She slowly inserted herself down onto my giant penis, moving up and down while softly rubbing her clit. I still laid back, as I suddenly see Rachel put her womanhood in my face, her butt pointed toward Amanda. I took this hint, and began eating her out. Hannah sat with her back against the headboard of our king size bed behind me. Rachel bent down as I ate her out, and began to eat out Hannah.

The room was full of the 3 beautiful girls moaning and breathing heavy, as Amanda slowly took more nad more of my giant member. Amanda began moaning softly, then her moans increased in volume. This was unusual, because Amanda was usually as quiet as a mouse during sex. I couldn't see much, but I felt liquid pouring down on my waist and penis, as Amanda began moaning having an intense orgasm. I felt her shaking slightly as she got off my penis, her orgasm lasting for a good 4 minutes.

"Were you having an orgasm that whole time?" Rachel asked.

Amanda smiled. "Yeah..." She panted. "Try it out."

"Go ahead." Hannah said. "I don't think I'm ready yet."

Rachel smiled, and jumped off my face. I sat up, and she faced away from me, going reverse cowgirl. She stuck her delicious, perfect ass out slightly at me, and I grabbed and caressed it slightly, and then slowly led it onto my giant penis. She bit her lip as she slowly plunged downward. "Oh God...this is fucking huge..." She said. "God...." She said, as she slowly moved up and down. "I feel like I'm being torn in half..."

Hannah sat next to me, watching intently. As Rachel slowly moved farther and farther down my penis, trying to adapt to it, Hannah was watching and smiling. I glanced over at Amanda, who was rubbing herself. She still didn't have enough. I slowly moved my hand over to Hannah, and began rubbing her vagina, and then fingering her.

"Oh God your right...even his fingers are big. I keep wondering how much bigger he'll get." Hannah said. I cringed a bit.

Rachel moaned softly. "I hope he keeps growing...this is amazing." I cringed more.

"Oh, I feed my man. Keep him healthy. He's getting as big as possible." Amanda said, with a huge smile. I closed my eyes, and tried to ignore this conversation.

"Whatever you're feeding him, keep it up!" Hannah said.

"I can't stop picturing him bigger and bigger..." Amanda said.

"I never thought so much man would be such a turn on." Hannah said, as I continued to finger her, and she began to pant, and move in really close to me.

I hate this conversation. I don't want to grow anymore.

"Oh God...oh fuck...yeah....yeah oh yeah!" Rachel started repeating these cliche sayings over and over again, as wave after wave after wave of orgasm slammed her body. Her legs gave way, and she fell forward. I quickly grabbed her around her waist, and stood up holding her. I turned her around, and she leaned over the bed, on her knees. She regained control over he extremities, as I slowly pulled out. "NO! Keep going! Fuck me!"

I obliged, pushing myself into her, on my knees, as moisture poured from her nether region, and she was hit with several more orgasms. "Rachel, stop hogging!" Hannah said, jokingly. I pulled out, and Rachel moved aside. I sat on the floor, with my back against the foot of the bed. Hannah faced me, and put herself on my penis, more easily than the other girls, and began pumping away.

Amanda moved in, and sat on my stomach, between me and Hannah, her breasts right in my face. I kissed and fondled them, as Hannah began kissing Amanda's neck and back. Rachel was laying on the bed behind me, her head touching my head. Amanda leaned forward and upward, kissing Rachel as she fingered herself.

After Hannah had her waves of orgasms, She sat up, and sat on the bed. Amanda and Rachel followed. "Come on, Tim." Amanda said. "Let us have it."

I stood up, and began stroking my giant penis after what had been a fast 4 hours of stimulation. It throbbed, blood poured into it as I grew more and more turned on to these 3 girls, waiting for my seed to unleash onto them. They huddled close,each of their hands playing with what they could in anticipating the massive amount of fluid that would soon come flowing onto them. My penis swelled even larger, as it prepared to orgasm. Almost out of nowhere, my first huge stream shot out, slamming Amanda in the face, causing her to move back slightly. The splash damage hit Rachel, who gasped. Her gasp barely even finished as my 2nd shot slammed on her neck and breasts. The 3rd one, the largest shot, hit Hannah in the mouth. She licked her lips and swallowed. The 2 new girls didn't know I would keep going, and I did. Shot after shot after shot showered onto them.

"Oh my God he won't stop!" Rachel said, as more and more of my load splashed onto her.

"I know, that's my man!" Amanda said, now only her hands still on my penis, encouraging blast after blast of semen to pour our, as she aimed it between her and her 2 friends.

Finally, my penis started dribbling instead of launching, and the girls were soaked. They voted to shower together, and invited me in. The night continued like this. I lost count as to how many orgasms the girls had. But we went at it for 2 more hours. All 3 girls laid on my bed, knocked out. I stood over them, my erection still full, throbbing, and ready for more. I sighed, and sat down on a chair in my room. I stroked my penis, giving it what it wanted until it would go back to being flaccid.

"Ugh..." I mumbled, sitting at my desk, tugging at my shirt and pants which were uncomfortably tight on me. I remember buying this shirt last week, and it was already small. It bothered me that on one of the few days I actually had to be in the office, I was already bigger.

It didn't help that all the women in the office were constantly flirting with me, testing my loyalties to my wife. This office had an unusually high number of female workers, especially in a field like mine, which only 15% of females actually wanted to be in. Yet, 70% of the employees were female. Young, attractive females. Young, attractive females that all wanted me. I gave as many of them the cold shoulder as I could. That was, until Linda popped her head around the corner.

"Hi, Tim. haven't seen you in a while." She said.

I had met Linda in college, but we stayed platonic friends. Based on our positions at work, we ended up having lots of work together. This was a bit tough, because Linda is...well...very hot. There was always random flirting, and I've gotten a few drunk phone calls of her propositioning me for sex. But my ever growing body made her more bold, and my ever growing sexual appetite wore away at my will power. "Oh, Hey Linda. What's going on."

Linda was good at keeping me at a distance though. An office fling could ruin her career if people found out about it. But today was different. I had grown significantly. She was extremely sexy, too. She had a thin and lean body. She had the body of a super model, standing at 5'11". Her breasts were big for her body, a 32C. She had long, flowing dark brown hair, that went down to her mid back. Her eyes were grey, sitting very well on her beautiful face. Linda could get whatever she wanted with her looks. She had too much integrity to use her looks to get ahead, though. She was in her position on merit alone, even though no one else believed it. "Not much. You're looking good. I see the gym has been kind to you." She said, with a smile.

"Uh...Yeah." I said, not wanting to give her any wrong signs. I tried to avoid eye contact...but she is gorgeous. I would attempt to steal glances at her, and she caught me every time.

"You look taller, too. Did you get taller? Aren't you too old to still be getting taller?" She asked, trying her best to get a conversation going with me.

"I don't think gyms make people taller." I said.

She laughed. I wasn't trying to be funny, she was flirting. "Well, I know how stressful things get around here. Everyone needs someway to blow off steam. You go to the gym, and I...well..." She fixed her posture a bit, and stuck her chest out slightly. "...have other things." She put her hand on my shoulder.

I paused, and tried not to move. There is something more to this. Even being this much bigger shouldn't attract women like this...right? Her touch, even though the shirt, got my heart racing. it didn't help that my flaccid penis and testicles were so big in my tight pants, that they already showed, creating what Linda could've misinterpreted as an erection. Well...misinterpreted for now. "Uh...Linda." I said, putting up my hand with the wedding ring. "I'm married." I said.

"So? That doesn't mean we can't have fun. What is this, some Muslim country." She said, and smirked.

That didn't sound much like Linda. She was usually very sensitive to other cultures. Especially with the news lately, Muslim-jokes were a sensitive topic for her. "I thought you said they were only that way because of exploitation and..."

"Tim, it was a joke." She said, rubbing my shoulder softly. I know I could've ended this by just removing her hand. But I didn't.

She was hard to resist. In all the time I've known Amanda, I've never met a girl I ever considered more beautiful than her. I considered myself lucky that I found no girl more attractive than Amanda. Except for Linda, who had the face that only corny legends spoke of. "Linda...please..." I said, trying to keep my eyes on my computer. She was behind me, to my left, standing over me.

She leaned her head forward a bit. "Tim, only one time. We've known each other for a long time. Don't you think it's unfair that we never got to have sex?" She said. She leaned forward, and a button popped off her blouse, which landed right on my keyboard. This confused me a bit, considering her blouse didn't look tight a few moments ago.

I glanced back and up at her, and almost gasped at the sight. Her breasts looked massive. I closed my eyes quickly, and looked back at my computer screen. "Linda, please go." I said, feeling my pants grow tighter in my crotch, as my penis slowly began to erect.

Linda smirked, and rebuttoned her shirt, with the button that was still sitting on my keyboard. I looked back up at her, and her breasts were back to normal. She slowly left my cubical, trying her best to look sexy as she did so while giving a small, sexy sigh. I looked on my desk, where I swore the button had flung to, and it wasn't there. My penis, continued it's path to erection. I quickly made my way to the bathroom, ignoring the girls who acted like they had something important to tell me.

I got to the bathroom, and splashed my face with water. I quickly undid my pants, and my penis jumped out. I took a few deep breaths, and my penis stopped getting hard, but stayed in a semi-erect state. I took out my phone, and called Amanda.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Amanda, I gotta come home. Every girl here is trying to have sex with me, I can't handle this." I said, panicked.

"Tim, calm down, it's okay." She said. Her voice soothed me a bit. "If it's really that hard to resist, just go ahead."

"Go ahead? Are you telling me to have sex with these girls?" I said, annoyed.

"Tim, you've become perfect. Whatever it is about you, I would be a bitch to keep to myself." She said.

"Amanda, this girl is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I've resisted her our whole marriage. I can't believe you are telling me to just have sex with her. I won't." I was pissed. I needed Amanda's help to get through this, and her sudden sexual open mindedness was not something I wanted to deal with now.

"Really? She's been coming onto you the whole time we've been married?" She asked.


"That's hilarious. I feel bad for her. Just have sex with her Tim. She earned it." She said. I couldn't tell if she was joking or not.


"Tim. I'm busy. Unless this is an actual emergency, I'm going to hang up. I have to finish this paper. If you want to have sex with her, go ahead. Honestly, I don't care. I want her to know what I get every night. So just relax, and do whatever you want. Bye." She said happily, and hung up.

I was really annoyed at this point. I put my phone back in my pocket, and did my best to stuff my semi back into my pants. It wouldn't go in pointed down comfortably, and if I pointed it upward, it would just come out of my pants. I pointed it sideways, and it wrapped around my leg to the side. I stepped back and looked in the mirror. It was extremely obvious that it was my penis reaching sideways. I took a deep breath, having no other choice but to get back to work. I opened the door, and there Linda was. She looked more curvy. Her hips were widen, her breasts were larger, She was taller. Her stomach was exposed, her blouse unable to be tucked in because of her sudden burst in size. My heart was racing, as I tried to rationalize this.

"L-Linda?" I was losing it. "What...what's happening to you?"

She put her hand on my chest, and pushed me back into the bathroom. She turned around, and closed the door, locking it behind her. "I'm one of the most beautiful girl's you've ever seen, eh?" She said, unbuttoning the top button of her tight blouse. This gave me a flashback of when her breasts somehow...grew? My erection restarted it's trajectory toward full erection. It thickened, causing it to look like my pants were painted over it. My penis head moved further and further right, at first moving along my thigh, but then coming off it as my penis hardened. My penis struggled to get to it's natural position.

"Linda, that was a private conversation." I said.

"You're right." She said. "I shouldn't have listened, but I couldn't help it. I want you so badly. And your wife doesn't mind, right?"

"Linda...please." I said, my penis aching, still swelling and trapped within my too tight pants. It began to hurt.

She glanced down, and gasped. There was a pause for a few moments, as it continued to enlarge. "My's so big...and it's still getting bigger?" She said, and bit her lip. She grabbed her blouse, and ripped it open. Her breasts were absolutely massive, and bulged out of her bra in every direction.

I gasped. "Linda!" I said, looking away, and then back quickly. I still tried to convince myself that I was trying to resist.

With that, my penis had a surge, reaching it's full erect size quickly. A tearing sound began to fill the air. "What was that..." she asked. I thought it was her breasts suddenly growing again. But when I looked down, seeing my penis, pointed sideways in my pants, slowly forcing it's way forward. It was ripping out of my cheap pants (which I got because I didn't want to waste money on pants I would just outgrow again).

"Oh crap..." I whispered to myself, as my penis flung forward, ripping my pants open in front. My penis throbbed, pointing directly at her.

"Oh God! That's amazing!" She said, quickly throwing her shirt off, and grabbing my penis, stroking it with vigor. "This is so fucking big! I can't believe it's so hard and big that it ripped out of your pants!" She said. "I knew you were packing, I just thought you were packing a human penis. I can't wait to have this thing in me. Give it to me you fucking jerk, hiding this from me all this time. You made me wait too long for it." She said, and begun viciously stroking and licking my giant member. "Oh God it tastes so's so big...It's gotta be almost 13 inches."

I was confused. I measured my penis this morning at 12.8 inches long, and 7.6 inches around. How did she know just from eye balling it? This thought was quickly replaced by the intense blow job she was giving me. I don't even know how she managed to fit my giant penis head so far down her throat. She plunged her mouth down more than half of my penis, I felt her tongue shifting around around it to the best of her ability. Her mouth looked small, but opened wide. Her thick, juicy lips wrapped around my penis, shifting and moving perfectly. She was an expert at this. "God..." I said, this felt amazing.

She took her mouth off, and stroked with both hands. "This is by far the biggest dick I've ever had. I've never met a dick I couldn't swallow completely. You are a challenge Tim..." She said. and started licking, kissing, and sucking on my giant balls. "Even your balls are's like 2 wait...these are too big to be eggs." She said, with a giggle. Her hands were grabbing whatever she could touch. She attempted to deepthroat again, her hands clawing at my thighs and lower back. She wanted more and more. I began to doubt that even I was enough for her with the way she was acting.

I gave up the act of resisting. I pulled the remainders of my pants down, and kicked them away, finally happy to have my lower body freed from the tight confines of my ever shrinking clothes. Linda managed to plunge more and more of my gigantic penis down her throat. I tried to wrap my mind around how she was able to do it, but it felt too good for me to focus, or really even care. I attempted to unbutton my dress shirt after throwing off my tie, but it was hard to do while being blown. My shirt was so tight on my body, that it was hard to get the buttons off. Frustrated, I ripped it open, and let it fall behind me.

Now only in my shoes, Rachel continued to work my throbbing member. Her saliva dripped down my shaft and onto the floor. She tried her best to swallow, but my penis was incredibly hard, and wouldn't curve down into her throat. "God dammit...I've never met a dick I couldn't deep throat. You're my white whale, Tim." She joked. "I guess I gotta give up for now." She said, and stood up.

She turned around, and stepped over my penis, so it was between her legs, and she was facing away from me, but her body pushed up against me. I reached down between her legs, lifting her skirt up. She was commando today, just like me. I began to kiss her neck, and began to finger her.

"Holy Jesus your fingers are big." She said, as she softly swayed her hips, grinding against the top of my penis. She gasped a bit.

"Sorry." I said, use to being careful.

"Don't fucking apologize." She said, pushing my hand further into her crotch. "I'm your fucking toy. I have no limits. Fuck me as hard as you want." She said, as she began to stroke my penis under her. "You will fuck the shit out of me, ok? I can handle anything you give me. Just fuck me until you can't fuck anymore."

With my other hand, I grabbed her blouse, and ripped it off the left half of her body. Instantly, she moan and I felt a flood of juices cover my hand and splash onto my penis. I removed my right hand from her womanhood, and ripped the skirt off. Her head arched back. She loved it. She loved being treated like a sexual object.

I lifted her up and put her on the ground. "On the floor."

"What are you gonna do? Are you gonna fuck me?" She said, slowly moving toward the ground. "You had better fuck me as hard as you can. You're probably all show." She said, with a wicked smirk, as she laid back.

I stepped over her, and smirked a bit over my massive shadow. I tried to imagine what her perspective was at this point, laying down on the floor, with a hugely built, tall, muscular man with a giant penis, looming over her, the florescent lights making it hard for her to make out minor features. I kinda ruined the moment, "Are you ready for it?"

"It doesn't matter you idiot. Fuck me you stupid shit!" She said, trying to get me worked up. I got down on my knees, and began to rub the outside of her crotch with my penis head. "Come onnnn." She whined, as she began to rub her clit. "Put it in you asshole!"

I put the penis head in, and she gasped. I felt another flood of juices cover my penis, and dripped onto the floor. I've never seen a girl react like this, having an orgasm just from insertion. I thought this kinda stuff only happened in shitty porn. "Come on....Please...." She begged, her body reeling. "Please..." She moaned.

I pushed myself in and out of her, as fast as I could. It was like each thrust had given her an orgasm, as she began moaning loudly almost immediately. It was almost like the ocean, every few moments, she would moan louder, and a wave of liquid would flow out from her. I never knew women could get this wet. This continued for an hour, and I began to ejaculate. Partially in her, partially on her stomach and the floor. "God damn...I've never cum so much in my life..." She said, lifting her hand off the floor. "And seriously, were you ever gonna stop shooting? You covered the floor in your stuff!" She said, as I stood up, my penis still fully erect.

She paused, and looked up. "You...still aren't done?"

"No." I said, and reached down, and picked her up. My hands were around her waist, as I easily lifted her and put her against the wall of the bathroom stall. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, and lifted her up higher.

"Oh God..." She moaned, as I slowly got my penis inside her, and then began to pump in and out faster and faster. I managed to get inside her completely, as her constant tidal flow of her own ejaculate flowed down my shaft and dripped down my legs. I was lost in lust, but I swear Linda's breasts had grown even more. I noticed a slightly alteration in her weight too, as her body grew taller in my arms. I shook my head, and continued banging the shit out of her.

She had climax after climax before I had mine again. The floor under us was completely soaked. I wondered where it was all coming from, as I set her down, and let her catch her breath.

She stumbled over to the sink, panting like she just sprinted a marathon. She didn't even look up. Her body was slightly bigger again. "I know you aren't done." She said. "Neither of us our leaving until both of us are done." She said, turning on the water. She splashed her face. I just watched, mesmerized by every little movement she made. Even though she was exhausted, sweaty, and stumbling around like she was drunk, I was still entranced.

"Linda...what's happening to you?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" She panted.

"Why are you growing?"

She pooled water in her hands, and brought it to her mouth, and drank. "What are you talking about?" She said. She was standing upright now.

"You're..." I blinked. Her head was pushing up the ceiling tiles, which were 10 feet high. I blinked again. She was back to normal. "I..." It wasn't her. It was me. I was seeing things. "Nevermind."

I waited a minute more for her to catch her breath, and then walked up behind her, and pushed her head down over the sink. I pulled her waist up a bit so I can insert my penis, doggy style. Her ass perked up. "Hold on Tim...I still need to catch my breath." I ignored her, and as I pressed myself into her, she instantly exploded in wetness again. "Just...a few...minutes..." She panted, as she didn't resist my advances at all. "Fuck!" She shouted, as her body literally quaked with another orgasm. She used her hands to prop herself up on sink. Her head and face kept randomly hitting the mirror, leaving smears and spots on it. This position lasted for hours, like our previous ones.

I had fucked her harder than I fucked anyone in my whole life. She had more orgasms, and gave me more orgasms, in a shorter time span than anything me and Amanda ever got to. This was by far the best sex I had ever had. This sex was suppose to be for my wife. Not for her. She laid on the floor, her back against the wall. She was asleep. She couldn't handle anymore. I was still full erect.

I examined her body, which had grown again. Her breasts were easily bigger than Amanda's now. She must've been at least 6'3" or 6'4" at this point. I began to doubt my own sanity. There had to be some connection between my growth, and Linda's. I began to wonder if this was permanent. I couldn't think. My mind was going a mile a minute, and I still wanted to fuck some more.

I grabbed whatever was left and put on what I could. It was 6:00 p.m. Everyone already left the office except a few janitors. I stormed out of the office, and headed home. I can't believe I just cheated on my wife. I can't believe I spent my entire workday, in a locked bathroom, having sex. I couldn't believe what I've become.

I finally got home. The car ride felt like it took forever. My clothes tattered by either my superhumanly strong boner, or the amazing sex I just had. For the first time in literally 10 years, I was crying. I wasn't a guy who cried. But this...I betrayed my wife. I loved her. And no matter how many times she said it was fine, I still felt horrible.

"What the..." She said, as I walked into the house. "Tim? What's wrong, what happened?" She was worried.

"I'm so sorry..." I said. "I'm so sorry."

"Sorry for what? What happened? Why are your clothes ripped?" She asked.

"I didn't want to have sex with her Amanda. I couldn't help it...all these women...they won't leave me alone." I said, falling to my knees, and hugging her around her torso.

She smiled a bit. "'s alright...I don't know why you are so broken up over this. I told you it was okay."

"No Amanda, it's not okay. You wouldn't do this to me. I wouldn't want you to, and you wouldn't do it." I said.

"Your right. I wouldn't. Because you told me not to. But I know if I told you not to, you wouldn't have either." She said.

"No." I responded. "Given enough time, I would've cracked. This isn't who I am. I don't know what's happening to me. I don't want to only think about sex. I don't want to grow if this is what it turns me into." I said.

"Tim, I would be selfish to not share..." She said.

"Stop it!" I said, I stood up. "I don't want to be shared! I'm not a fucking lawn mower." I was pissed. I stormed out of the house, still in tattered clothes. A block away was a park. It was later in the day, and there wasn't anyone there. It was surrounded by trees, so it didn't get much outside observation. I just wanted to sit, and think.

"Tim!" She said, out the door, on the porch. I just kept walking.

"God dammit." I said, walking past the park. There were people there, and I didn't want to expose myself. I went farther, into the woods nearby. It wasn't dense, and I was able to walk through easily. My mind was going a mile a minute, my emotions were all over the place. I began to get dizzy. I stumbled around a bit, and then leaned back against a tree. For a moment, the feeling was gone, and I stood up straight. Then it overwhelmed me again.

I looked down at myself. Something was happening. I looked at my hands. This was getting weird. I could see...I could see them...growing.

"Oh God..." I said. I looked down, I watched my chest balloon outward slowly. I looked to my side, and watched my arms and shoulders building up more and more muscle, before my very eyes. "" I grunted, and stumbled back, and leaned against the tree again. My penis started to erect, but I wasn't aroused. I grunted again, as I felt my back muscles growing into the tree. I expressed my frustration with this, as I felt my back slowly being scratched as it slide upward along the tree. I was getting taller too. I looked down again, my penis fully erect.

"No..." I said. "No no no..." Watching my penis swell up larger. "Don't grow...stop..." All I could do was watch, as my penis grow just past my previous size.

I let out a louder grunt, and my muscles began to rip out of the parts of my shirt that weren't ripped. My thighs breaking through the seams of my pants. My butt filling with muscle pushing anything that was left outward. It ended after what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes.

I wasn't much taller. I was 6'9" that morning, but I gained an inch and a half in height. My penis swelled to just below 14 inches, and just above 8 inches around. My testicles swelled slightly too. But the biggest impact were my muscles. It was obvious, I put on more than 60 lbs. I was now 390 lbs, of strong, monstrous muscle. I had no idea what to do. I had to get back to Amanda.

I grunted, and fell into the doorway. Amanda was on the phone. "I think that's him, I'll call you back." She said, and turned the corner. Her eyes widened. "Tim!" She said.

I was breathing heavy. "I need to go to the doctor..." I said, sitting up. Amanda's voice seemingly healed me. I slowly made it to my feet. I shook my head...

" you grow?" She said. "Your muscles are...massive." She said, in awe. There was a silence for a few moments, and she slowly stepped back, and grabbed her keys. When she came back, the door was closed. "Tim..." She said, a bit confused. I walked toward her. "Do you still wanna go?" She asked.

"Not yet." I said. I picked grabbed her waist, and threw her over my shoulder with one hand.

She laughed. "Tim!" She said, excited. She began to feign helplessness. "No, please, don't take me to your evil, well furnished bedroom and have your way with me!" She joked, and I walked upstairs with her.

I threw her on the bed, and she bounced. She laughed again. "Tim, I've never seen you like this..." She said.

I grabbed her shirt and bra at the same time with one of my massive hands, and pulled them off of her in one quick motion, and she gasped, and sighed softly. "Tim...this is really hot..." She said, as I grabbed her by the belt, and picked her up off the bed. I held her against my chest and we began to kiss.

I grabbed her pants on both sides of her hips, and pulled them apart, ripping them right off her. She was already wet, as she ground her hips into me over her thong. I dropped her on the bed again, and she landed on her butt. She quickly spun around, and leaned over the bed, ready to go at it from behind. I easily ripped off her thong.

Slowly, I began to plunge myself into her. I was having trouble, trying to keep myself low enough to penetrate her because of our height differences, but I managed. " are so big..." She said. "I can't wait until I'm as big as you."

I stopped. She looked back at me with a confused look on her face. "What did you say?"

"Huh? I didn't say anything." She said.

I should've interrogated her, but I couldn't. I just went back to giving it to her. "I thought you were gonna get as big as me."

"What?" She said. I began to notice a distortion. Something was different. I couldn't figure it out.

"That's what it sounded like." I said.

"Ooooh....that would be awesome. Imagine if I was growing with you, Tim." She said, always looking away from me. I set my hand on her waist.

"At least...I wouldn't be alone." I panted.

"You aren't just...stand out more." She panted back. "But growing bigger..." She said.

I didn't. I refused. I just focused on her body, how good this all felt. "I guess if you...didn't mind."

"Oh...I it." She said. Oh God. She was growing. I could see it. I watched her back slowly lengthen.

"Oh God..." I said.

"If I grew taller..." Her legs lengthened, her butt slowly rising higher and higher.

"I don't understand,"

"Curvier..." Her chest was touching the bed, and I began to see her side boob slowly moving out to the side as her breasts enlarged.

" is this happening?" I asked.

"Oh...I'd be so much stronger..." Her body remained in it's incredibly fit shape, but there was just more and more. My hands were on the sides of her hips, as I felt her ass expand in my hands.

She began to prop herself up on her arms, her legs too long to allow her to just lean over the bed. " are growing...right now..." I said, unable to stop having sex with her.

" many heads I'd turn just walking down the street..." She continued to grow, quickly, in front of my eyes, I saw it happening. I felt it. This had to be real. How was this happening?


"I'" She said, as we both had the most intense orgasms of our lives. I unleashed load after load after load, more than I had ever done before. For a good 10 minutes, she was unable to move, as she shivered and grabbed the blankets below her, in a perpetual state of orgasm.

I stepped back, as I finished unleashing my load. She felt to the ground without my support. She must've been as tall as I was. Her legs were thick with muscle, but perfect, without a blemish. Her butt lifted her body off the ground. It was an amazing contrast in relation to her waist, which was seemingly unchanged. Her breasts were absolutely massive, hanging off to her sides, easy breast the size of a basketball. She shoulders were broad, and her head remained relatively the same size, making her body look all the more massive.

She was lost in climax. It looked like she was having a seizure. "Amanda...are you...ok?" I asked.

"I...oooohhhh..." She managed to say, as she curled up slightly, then uncurled again. "...keep...cummminnnnggggg...." She said, quaking and shaking with delight, the smile never leaving her face.

I looked at her amazing body in awe, but still had this fear in the back of my mind. I took a deep breath, and closed my eyes. When I opened them, she was in the same position, but back to normal. I waited until her orgasms finally ends. "Amanda..."

"Huh?" She said, opening her eyes, looking up at me.

"I think we should go to the hospital..."

if the admins are not going to moderate this list... give me the admin
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I think the effort to moderate this particular list would be far to much

These emails seem to be originating from comcast ( Please note I said "seem to be" since it's very easy to forge such things. I was quite sad when yahoo started dispensing *new* accounts from Rocketmail (a property they acquired in the long ago times), since I have a rocketmail account that long predates yahoo, or the acquisition.

Still, there needs to be a filter of some sort set up. Mailman permits this, and I'd be a fan of it. It seems to be generated by someone who has the serious hate on for the list. That actually narrows it down quite a bit. Maybe I'll do a bit of traffic analysis over the weekend.

Or not...

Mailman also allows keyword filtering



Most excellent!

Just so you know, "the admins" are the Communications Committee, and they are always looking for new volunteers.

I assume you both will be volunteering forthwith?

They already did in public. I don't think they can turn it down now :slight_smile:

- Jared

The admins say they are working on a content filter system. All you really
should have to do if do keyword filtering in mailman. I have this setup on
a maillist that i manage.

How well would that actually work against what seems to be a bored individual with nothing better to do but send this stuff here? Any keyword filters can be easily circumvented in the same way spammers have done for years. We'll just be seeing these stories with lots of "pen1s" or similar quick edits.

Most mailing lists allow moderation of new list members by default.
Typically, the moderation is removed after the first non-spam post.
This causes negligible workload in general.