The Cidr Report

Indeed -- it apears to have flaked out a bit this (IETF) week. :slight_smile:

Date Prefixes CIDR Aggregated
04-11-06 199323 129829
05-11-06 199330 129854
06-11-06 199273 129854
07-11-06 -1077937252 129854
08-11-06 -1077936760 129854
09-11-06 672037797 129854
10-11-06 -1077937324 129854
11-11-06 134555024 129854

- ferg

cidr-report writes:

Recent Table History
        Date Prefixes CIDR Agg
        03-11-06 199409 129843


        10-11-06 134555024 129854

Growth of the "global routing table" really picked up pace this week!
(But maybe I'm just hallucinating for having heard the report from the
IAB Routing Workshop report three times in a week :slight_smile:
Or the CIDR Report software has an R200K problem?

When my zebra BGP daemin looses its grip on life and dies a horrible death the rest to the scripts wander into a strange twilight zone and make up numbers


(I really need to code more defensively for this type of condition!)


It sounds like government work! When something doesn't work, they just make
numbers up! (Just be sure to create more plausible numbers next time!


heh heh

No its all amateur time round here. :slight_smile: