The Cidr Report

This is an auto-generated mail on Fri Mar 2 23:00:00 PST 2001
It is not checked before it leaves my workstation. However, hopefully
you will find this report interesting and will take the time to look
through this to see if you can improve the amount of aggregation you

The report is split into sections:

   0) General Status
      List the route table history for the last week, list any possibly
      bogus routes seen and give some status on ASes.

   1) Gains by aggregating at the origin AS level

      This lists the "Top 30" players who if they decided to aggregate
      their announced classful prefixes at the origin AS level could
      make a significant difference in the reduction of the current
      size of the Internet routing table. This calculation does not
      take into account the inclusion of holes when forming an aggregate
      so it is possible even larger reduction should be possible.

   2) Weekly Delta

      A summary of the last weeks changes in terms of withdrawn and
      added routes. Please note that this is only a snapshot but does
      give some indication of ASes participating in CIDR. Clearly,
      it is generally a good thing to see a large amont of withdrawls.

   3) Interesting aggregates

      Interesting here means not an aggregate made as a set of
      classful routes.

Thanks to for giving me access to their routing tables once a

Please send any comments about this report directly to me.

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update of this report.


1) Gains by aggregating at the origin AS level

--- 02Mar01 ---
ASnum NetsNow NetsCIDR NetGain % Gain Description

It might be interesting to look at an alternative ordering of this, so
that the relative rather than the absolute benefit of proper
aggregation is highlighted (but we still want a lower threshold for
the absolute benefit). This makes those cases stand out that are
smaller but may be easiest to fix. So this is Tony's list piped
through "sort -k 4 -n -r | head" (or something):

AS11170 64 1 63 98.4% Bewell Net
AS13999 109 7 102 93.6% Mega Cable S.A. de C.V.
AS16758 63 6 57 90.5% IKON Office Solutions
AS8006 145 19 126 86.9% Systems & Software Consortium, In
AS6413 67 11 56 83.6% Southern Online Systems, Inc.
AS9498 87 20 67 77.0% BHARTI BT INTERNET LTD.
AS9269 161 52 109 67.7% Internet service Provider in Hong
AS5106 101 37 64 63.4% Ameritech Advanced Data Services,
AS7545 190 70 120 63.2% TPG Internet Pty Ltd
AS6595 165 63 102 61.8% DoD Education Activity Network As

Know anybody at one of these?