The Cidr Report

Anyone care to comment on the fact that the top non-compliant companies
never really seem to make any significant changes?

--- 11Sep98 ---
ASnum NetsNow NetsCIDR NetGain % Gain Description
AS174 789 611 178 22.6% Performance Systems International
AS2493 373 217 156 41.8% iSTAR Internet, Inc.

Well, two things: (1) PSI acquired iSTAR; (2) most of the clueful people
had left or have left iSTAR (myself being one). I have no specific knowledge
of PSI's clue quotient, per se.

Also of note: all of iSTAR's unaggregated routes are below,
in geographically-assigned /16's (ie, some /24's belong to iSTAR customers,
some to customers of other providers), where the %gain is achieved by
aggregating in variable-length clumps (eg /23's, /22's, etc), at iSTAR's EBGP
borders, since these are not aggregatable internally.

And yes, iSTAR does redistribute its IGP into BGP, but only because Cisco's
IOS has a limit (200) on how many "network" statements can exist in a router,
which is exceeded by their NetsCIDR. :frowning: