The Big Squeeze

Paul Ferguson wrote:

>It's the renumbering part that I think gives people the most
>heartburn... By the time you get "big enough" to warrent your
>own block, you've got at least 32 ClassCs of which, I'm betting,
>at least 28 are "given" to LAN-connected customers. This is
>a _major_ headache not only for the ISP to go thru but also a
>major headache to force your customers to go thru. That is, what
>I think, is what really is most painful; that by the time you
>are big enough to have your own block, you're too big to want
>to renumber: Catch 22

Que sera, sera. Renumbering is a fact of life.

See: RFC1900, RFC2008, RFC2071.

Never said it wasn't a fact a life, just that it's a painful
one... And a disruptive one. Imagine the heartburn if a group with
simply one ClassB was required to totally renumber to another...

Do you mean a /16 network prefix? This would not be disruptive if the
group would wake up to the facts of life and start renumbering NOW!
Don't wait until your address allocation changes, start working on it
today and make it a part of regular maintenance and administrative
procedures. Deploy DHCP, document where IP numbers are configured,
build and test renumbering scripts, beat on vendors to make it fast, easy
and painless to renumber.

Renumbering is not an event, it's a state of mind.

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When I was a contractor for USPS, we had to runumber large chunks of
class A space. Yes it was a MAJOR pain, but we did it.

Nathan Stratton President, NetRail,Inc.