The Big Squeeze

Nathan Stratton wrote:

The internic is not out to get the small guys, and if you get larger they
will give you space. You will just need to get your space from your
transit provider and then if you get big, renumber.

It's the renumbering part that I think gives people the most
heartburn... By the time you get "big enough" to warrent your
own block, you've got at least 32 ClassCs of which, I'm betting,
at least 28 are "given" to LAN-connected customers. This is
a _major_ headache not only for the ISP to go thru but also a
major headache to force your customers to go thru. That is, what
I think, is what really is most painful; that by the time you
are big enough to have your own block, you're too big to want
to renumber: Catch 22

Yes, but as a smaller ISP you can offer much better service, and help you
customers renumber. Yes I of all people know it is a _major_ headache, but
it can be done, and there are ways to do it.

Just because it is a "_major_ headache", is not a good reason to add a
route to the global table, or have the nic give you a bigger block then
you need at that time.

Nathan Stratton President, NetRail,Inc.