Thanks WAS: any cisco experienced...

I appreciate the assistance several of you provided. As it turns out the
image that was installed on the flash was a compressed image only for the
1605, and not for the 1601-1604 routers. It looks like someone at RMA
inadvertantly loaded the wrong software to flash, and it ended up throwing
most off guard. I knew it had to be something simple.

For the record in the 1600-series world.. images with c1600-mz* are
compressed and will only work on the 1605 model.

Images with c1600-l* are for the 1601-1604 models and are not compressed.

The responses ranged from get new flash, get new router, your tftp is
broke, you didn't get the whole image, to finally...wrong image, thanks to
some fine folks from Cisco here on Nanog :=) Hats off to you folks. Now I
can keep all my hair, and draw a quick breath of sanity before the next
lightning storm or backhoe comes through.