Thank you for the response!! Sincerely requesting help again for my Doctoral study

Dear Respected Participants of Nanog

Greetings! I introduce myself as Ananth Chiravuri, a
doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin
Milwaukee. As part of my doctoral dissertation, I am
working on how best to come to a consensus when
capturing knowledge, and am studying the effectiveness
of two techniques. I am writing to request help
because in order for my research to contribute
meaningfully, I need the participation of real world
experts and not students.

In this regard, I want to acknowledge and thank the
experts, who responded very graciously, for agreeing
to participate in my experiment. However, I still have
a long way to go because the overall number of experts
needed for my experiment is 100 and am resending an
email with my request.

The tasks that I have chosen relate to networking and
therefore, I am looking for experts or professionals
in network management or network design. (An expert
would be anyone who has had more than 12-18 months of
experience). The experiment will be conducted on-line
using virtual teams and the time required may be at
most 3-4 hours asynchronously (you can participate at
your convenience).

I am willing to customize the report to meet the
requirements of your organization and anonymity of
participants and the firms will be ensured. The
results of this report will indicate an effective
technique of capturing knowledge using virtual teams
of experts. It may help your firm to use the technique
to capture knowledge and come to a consensus at a much
faster time, thus saving precious resources and time.

Please kindly email me at or at if you are interested to
participate. I am looking for a total of 50 members
(10 teams of five each) for each technique (a total of
100 participants) and therefore, I sincerely request
and would highly appreciate if each one of you (and
your firms) could help me and give me some of your
precious time. Most importantly, your participation
will ensure support for academic research in a big

Thanking you all in advance. I apologize for any
inconvenience, if caused. Happy Holidays to all and
hope that you make mine happy too!

ananth chiravuri
Univ of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI