Testing backup communication systems between operators

The North American Electric Reliability Council conducted its first Y2K
telecommunications capability exercise. As usual, they report the test
was successful; and at no time was any electric customer affected. Twenty-
two regional security coordinators (the electric industry's term for
"NOC") and 2,000 electric utility personnel participated.

Lessons Learned:

    - There were some incorrect phone numbers among the emergency contacts
    - Geographic coverage of some radios require relocation of antennas
    - Personnel require training on the use of backup systems. Some had
       only recently been installed, and little training occurred prior to
       the drill
    - Congestion on the backup systems indicated a need to establish and
       practice traffic priorities
    - Some backup transmissions were noisy
    - A "small number" of backup systems did not work
    - Severe weather in the Midwest hampered some activities

NetOps: When was the last time you tested your backup systems? Or a better
question, do you have a backup system for contacting other providers?

Um, so, gee; they had the same problems ham radio operators have been
working around for 50 years now?

-- jr '_how_ much do we pay these people?' a