Test Route

  I have recently come across the need to test BGP peering with
  a number of people and have found that it is occasionally useful
  to establish a peer and then send a test route.

  There were a number of options here:

    1- Use a route that I should correctly source.
    2- Send the loopback address
    3- Use an RFC 1597 address
    4- Use the TestNetwork address

  Due to certain vendors/ISPs desire to (correctly) squash RFC 1597
  advertisments and my inability to verify routing correctness if
  I propogated via third-party my internal routes, I chose to use
  the TestNetwork.

  What is the TestNetwork?

  zed 30% whois
  [No name] (NET-TEST)

     Netname: AMEX

            Reynolds, Joyce K. (JKR1) JKRey@ISI.EDU
         (310) 822-1511

  Record last updated on 24-Oct-94.

  This was a number allocated prior to RFC 1597 to assist people in
  correctly documenting how to configure IP in their documentation.
  (a fix for the infamous defaults SUN had in the config scripts for
   so many years)
  It's usefullness in testing devolves from its not being included
  in the RFC 1597 ban on forwarding.

  It seems to me that we should encourage any/all NSP/ISP types to
  block the following networks: