Terminal server problem


I got a CCM1650 Avocent terminal server, if i use windows to login to their console, upon hitting enter, the password prompt is bypassed because another enter is also hit, so i get a wrong password everytime.

But if i do the same from a linux machine, that doesnt happen and i get to log in fine, which tells me that windows telnet is the problem, but i dont know which knob i need to fix ?

Microsoft Telnet> set ?
bsasdel Backspace will be sent as delete
crlf New line mode - Causes return key to send CR & LF
delasbs Delete will be sent as backspace
escape x x is an escape charater to enter telnet client prompt
localecho Turn on localecho.
logfile x x is current client log file
logging Turn on logging
mode x x is console or stream
ntlm Turn on NTLM authentication.
term x x is ansi, vt100, vt52, or vtnt

Avocent CCM1650 S/W Version 2.1
Username: noc
Password: ************
Authentication Complete (DEC-VT100)
Connected to Port: 1 9600,8,N,2,NONE

Login: cisco
login incorrect

Login: cisco
login incorrect



Believe your problem is the CRLF, try just LF or just CR (believe my Linx
term is set to just LF but not in office at moment).