telia - texas - 10:30 a.m. central time - issues ?

In the Texas area, particularly, south central, Austin area…… anyone know of any issues with Telia Internet today around 10:32 a.m. central time ?

I had good bgp session and good route 0/0 from them, but little to no internet packets were flowing.


Not sure about Telia specifically, but there is apparently a fiber cut between Dallas and Waxahachie, that took out our wave service to Austin.


Yes, that’s exactly what I heard elsewhere also… “suspected fiber cut between Dallas and Waxahachie”

I’m pretty sure I connect to Telia in Austin… and so, I’m guessing that this has no redundant path ?


Telia has redundancy in Austin but if you are on an unprotected wave back to Dallas you will not be redundant. We have an outage with them as well between Dallas and Austin same issue as yourself and others have stated. Latest update " Dear Customer,

We are still pushing for an ETA to the site from our provider, but they currently do not yet have a further update from their dispatched technicians."

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I think my first hop telia router is in Austin… if so, is that Austin Telia router redundantly connected ? if so, then wouldn’t I likewise be redundantly connected to the internet via that telia Austin router ? unsure I understand you.

I got this from Telia about 50 minutes ago…

“ETA for dispatch and testing is in 45 minutes.”


I know they have a ring in Texas between several major Metros. I would ask your CSR how your service is being delivered to Austin and raise the question why is there no IP backbone redundancy?

I have seen no disruption or connectivity issues on my Telia services in Dallas today.

the issue is between Dallas and Austin and it seems our wave just came back up.

192-count buried fiber cut at W Camp Wisdom Rd and S Hampton Rd in Dallas, TX caused by traffic light work

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