Telerama job posting SUMMARY

I've received 15 SSH keys since posting the link to the job on Nanog.
We may be hiring in the near future, but there are no open positions

As to the rest of the inquiries, I humbly submit:

The Telerama Hiring FAQ, v0.5:

1) Where did you get your tests?

  Our tests are designed in-house. They are tailored to our
  particular systems and problems. They consist of a number of tasks
  that emulate real-world situations. They get progressively more
  difficult, with the last stages nearly impossible to complete, even
  by the most highly gifted individual.

  The tests are designed not only to measure technical proficiency,
  but also to give them a feeling for the way we do things (i.e. our
  "corporate culture"). The intent is to foster self-selection,
  allowing people to bow out if they feel they aren't going to be a
  good fit.

2) Why are you asking candidates for their SSH key?

  In addition to the sentiment that resumes are wholly inadequate
  tools by which to perform preliminary evaluations of candidates, we
  have a couple of purposes for requesting an SSH key:

  A) It demonstrates that the applicant actually read the posting, and
     therefore might truly consider themselves a good match. Lots of
     people, especially on the large job sites, will send their
     resumes to hundreds of different companies with very little

  B) It shows that the applicant either knew about the technology or
     had the wherewithal to learn quickly and effectively about the

3) But I have an impressive resume, why don't you want it?

  If you are able to demonstrate, that you possess the basic
  attributes necessary to be successful at the job position, then we
  will probably be looking at your resume. We are not trying to do
  away with resumes. We do request them further along in the hiring

4) I'm not interested in the job, but I want to take the tests.

  The tests require human shepherding and a number of
  specially-configured boxes. None of these resources are currently
  allocated. If you are not serious about the job, you probably don't
  want to take them anyway: when the tests are being given, you are
  asked to adhere to a particular testing schedule, and your response
  time is included in the metric that determines whether to advance
  through the process.

5) Are you hiring?

  As of this writing, 11/14/2003, there are currently no open
  technical positions. Please check out our web site at to see if there are active positions.