TelePacific a good choice?


We're looking at TelePacific as a possible solution for some of our transit needs. If you have an honest experience with them, positive or negative, I'd like to hear from you.

Simply email me off line with your experiences, thanks!

Jeff Harper, CCIE (W) |
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The lack of IPv6 implementation:

should be the only feedback you need.

I've used them at a previous employer, mainly for PRI termination but
also for some transit and colo services.

They were decent. Didn't have any major complaints.

If IPv6 is important for you...per what Paul said, they probably
wouldn't be your best choice. If IPv6 doesn't matter to you, they're
good enough.

We have a customer who used them for IP transit at an office in San
Francisco. They seemed to have issues with International peering. Traffic
to Asia / Australia seemed to be bottlenecked. This was a year ago and the
bottleneck was between TelePacific and Global Crossing at the time.

The customer has moved to another provider and no longer has issues.