Telehouse London

Recently went through a detailed review of the design of Telehouse


The power system has 3 generators available at all times, only two of
which are required to carry the original rated load (which was huge by
current standards). There is space for a 4th if required. The
building has 3 disjoint cooling loops with redundant pumps. The house
power risers are huge floating buss-bars in 2 disjoint risers, each
carries 2 independent rails ("A and B").

The only flaw being that (possibly with the exception of the
full tenancy contracts) you have to use their switch equipment
for power, i.e. you can't get power from 2 different risers
to the same 'cage'. Allegedly this is being fixed in v2 being
built next door. Saying that, as I said before, to date
we haven't had a single power failure.

The colo facilities, and the fact there is an IXP (LINX)
on site, mean this it's a really useful place to be.

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks