telehouse - 25 broadway

It was a suggestion based on incomplete information. Originally I didn't
know whether it was overheating due to debris and dust clogging the radiator
or mechanical failure. You are correct, it wouldn't help a failed water

If Telehouse lets us know what specific parts (model/part number) they
need, I can check our spare parts inventory for a possible loaner.

However, if the water pump failed due to high temperatures caused by a radiator that wasn't cooling efficiently, cooling the radiator by pouring cold water over it before the generator failed might have prevented the failure in the first place. Therefore.... if you are running your generator in conditions where air cooling might be compromised, think about ways to keep that generator cool *before* it has a heat related or air-flow related failure.


But, guess what: It wasn't the water pump. It's been replaced, and the
unit still overheats.

Was this unit tested regularly? With a load bank?

If there was a weekly test run, why wasn't this problem caught?

It seems like there's a lesson to be learned here.

My guess is that many sites' idea of a periodic test is to fire up the
generator (without a load) for 5 or ten minutes and assume everything's ok.

How many folks actually perform a load transfer to the generator during
testing to check out the transfer switch ?