Telecoms Struggle As FCC e911 Compliance Deadline Nears

Operationally relevent, methinks.

W. David Gardner writes in TechWeb News:


In the race to meet FCC emergency 911 (e911) requirements, two firms log some progress, while another seeks a waiver.

Under pressure to meet the FCC mandate to activate 911 service by the end of the year, Vonage and Telecommunication Systems (TCS) said Tuesday they will send VoIP E911 kits to provide vital communication information to thousands of Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) beginning in mid-August.

At the same time, Nextel has informed the FCC that it would seek a waiver from the FCC mandate that 95 percent of handsets be in compliance with location pinpointing regulations by Dec. 31, the Reuters news agency reported Monday. Nextel said 70 percent of its customers´┐Ż phone will be in compliance by the deadline, but it could take as much as two more years for the FCC goal to be fully met.


- ferg