Tata AS6453 not peering with NTT AS2914 in Japan

Hello everyone!

Was wondering is there's anyone from Tata Communications (VSNL/TeleGlobe)
or NTT Communications? I can see Tata Comm's AS6453 is not exchanging
traffic with NTT AS2914 in Japan. Is there's any specific reason for that?
I can see traffic exchange is being done at London, New York, San Jose but
not in Japan. Thus packets from Tokyo (Tata) to Tokyo (NTT) and having a
round trip to US. This is screwing up performance of networks which are in
downstream for NTT e.g Akamai. Route to Akamai.com webserver from Indian
networks is going like India - UK - Japan adding over 200ms of overhead
latency. If someone is interested in detailed data, I have blogged about it
here <http://link.anuragbhatia.com/zywpr>.

Any ideas what's preventing them peering in Japan itself?

Call it funny or what - so far I have got 4 replies and in total 10emails
in one to one discussion.

No one replied in mailing list!

People are often hesitant to discuss dirty laundry in public; not
least because it can sometimes have employment implications.

Most requests on the lists are thus phrased as "please contact
me about X" or "It would be really nice if you could fix your
misconfiguration at site Y" so that there's no onus placed on an
engineer to discuss the issue publicly; fixing the issue, or responding
with a private message about the issue is usually considered
sufficient response.