TAT 14 failure

The northern leg of TAT14 seems to have just taken an outage about an
hour ago. As the southern leg was already down due to other faults,
this will probably be an exciting time for many providers.

Anyone have additional info regarding this outage? Links? Besides tat-14.com
- it seems to be down or just flooded with requests.


This is a basic map of the fiber path for those
that haven't found one yet.


  - jared

I saw that link when I googled for TAT-14. I was looking more for a "see, I
told you so" link that I can forward to management that provides proof that
this is why our UK office is down...if you know what I mean.

Here's an interesting explanation of undersea cabling:


I suppose we won't know for sure until they pull up the cable for
repair, but has anyone heard the official (or speculative) root cause of
the two cuts on the TAT-14 cable? Trawler? Seismic activity? Sharks?
That guy running around cutting Qwest fiber?

Please reply off-list...