Target stores down

Curious if anyone knows what happened (or is still happening) with the global outage of POS systems at Target stores.

I know what I was told and what I observed in store.

They said network issue but it looked more like application/database issue.

When they would Scan an item it would not stay scanned. It would delete itself and provide an error (likely when it was recording the inventory debit)

They would then manually enter the price and if it was taxable or not.

It impacted all their POS terminals. Sometimes it would scan and sometimes not.

There is a mini story here about workflow and software improvement for this exception path handling. Either way. Looked more like database and other software issue than actual network issue.

Expect inventory to be messed up for a few weeks as a result.

According to the news, sales associates can complete transactions using
their (very small) handheld units.


Check the date on this:

Could it be they had an expired cert?

Scott Fisher