T3 or not to T3

Dorian Kim writes:

Agreed. IMO, the best place for these things is one hops away from an XP,
either in a provider's network or behind a content provider's router that's
connected to the XP.


For righthink, please see ftp://ftp.ee.lbl.gov/talks/vj-webflame.ps.Z

Pay _particular_ attention to pages 9 and 11.

Please also see the excellent work by the NLANR and Squid folks, which
while not quite perfectly rightthink, is a much better set of things to
spend brainpower on than worrying about multiple T1s and T3s and the like.

Run with these ideas.

Otherwise, you will be in this rathole answering the same questions
Dean Gaudet has asked, only for tens, then hundreds and then
thousands of people. I suspect that we are already, as a group
of smartish people, answering these questions multiple times.

Meanwhile, the people thinking of producing content for mass-availability
should pay attention to page 13 (the last page) of the same set of viewgraphs.
Well, unless you like the fact that the popularity of your content makes
it expensive for you to make it available, either due to big bills or spending
many hours pondering ugly solutions to precisely the sort of problem
being discussed in this thread.

There will be a quiz.