T1 Backbone NSS dismantling

Starting in the second half of February, as part of the T1
NSFNet NSS Dismantling Plan, IBM Customer Engineers will be visiting
each of the NSFNET sites in order to dismantle the existing router
equipment used to support the T1 backbone network, which was
disconnected in December '92. To ensure a smooth process, two visits
to the site will be scheduled.

  During the first visit, the equipment inventory will be
verified. Additionally, all of the equipment will be disconnected and
prepared for shipment. At that time, according to prior individual
agreements, the extra RT machines will be donated to the host regional
network providers who have requested them. During the second visit,
the equipment will be packed and shipped.

   The first round of visits will be scheduled over the period of
two weeks starting February 15 1993. The second visits will be
scheduled during the first half of March. You will be contacted
directly within the next couple of weeks in order to coordinate the
exact date and time of these site visits.

  Several sites have asked us if they can power down the
equipment during the interim. There is no problem with this, although
we do request that the equipment not be moved or physically
reconfigured in any way until we arrive on-site.
  For the purpose of serving OSI Encapsulation requirements, two
RT machines equipped with one set of monitor and keyboard will remain
on-site. This equipment would be mounted in one of the existing racks
and will remain there until OSI support is available on the T3
Backbone (estimated for March '93). Empty equipment racks will be
offered to the host regional network providers that express an
interest in keeping these racks. Advanced notification of such an
interest will be appreciated.
  Should you have any questions or special concerns, please
express them as soon as possible to:

   Bob Farzami
   ANS, Netowrk Planning.
   (914) 789-5342

   Thank you for your attention and cooperation.