Systemic problems at Verizon

Unnamed Administration sources reported that deeann mikula said:

> > I've never, ever had trouble with Ameritech ISDN,
> ISDN, now there's a technology that NYNEX/Bell Atlantic/Verizon
> has never been able to get right in the Northeast. Never, never,
> never, never, never. there are rumors of working ISDN in some

whoa. my experience is completely the oposite. (in BA/verizon
country, in pittsburgh PA.)

i love my dedicated ISDN clients! we have about 15 or so still left,
and their connections are rock solid! in my 3 years of managing the
dedicated access customers, i've probably dealt with less than 10
instances of real trouble with those lines. (ie: not solved by
resynching the isdn routers, but requiring calling in a bell tech.)

That's because ISDN is really just "telephone service"....

Sure, there's buzz not dialtone on the pair. But it is one pair
(BRI), and it goes to a line card on a switch. Your call drops;
BFD, call back. No VPI/XYZ's etc.

No NoNuts (now Verizontal North) could never get POTS working,
either. So I'd be unshocked iffen they have ISDN grief.

And Verizontal South (old See & Pee) has LOTS of it since ISDN
Centrex is big with them, VERY big.