System security data about to be made public (Cobell v Norton)

The background is probably not of interest to many on NANOG, but the
operational art of the Department of the Interior's network operators
and security staff, and the host managers of the Indian Trust systems,
which has been rated the worst in the Federal Goverment, is about to
enter the public record, minus host and subnet identifiers, and any bits
that "might jeopardize the security of individual Indian Trust Data".

The text of the order is at this URL:

In a nutshell, its an Iraq-sized pile of thousands of individual trust
accounts -- a major regional bank -- with no known audit trail, and an
open access policy until quite recently.

If I get the doc-u-boxen, I'll be happy to share with other NANOGers,
as the DOI appears unable to move its operational art from an "F" to a
"D" without assistance.

P.S. Triballaw list cc'd.