System And Network Monitoring

Actually as I mentioned to someone else. It IS functional, because I used
that URL to reach it TODAY, this afternoon. :slight_smile: There had been discussion
on ORSC that someone was taking over the zonefiles. And there's DNS
servers answering queries for it. :slight_smile:

Do you investigate any monitor systems or only those formed as a product
(with the doc's, install package etc etc). We are using here
_SNMPSTATD_ (modified from free snmpstatd publised at the SMTINT ftp a
few years ago, with WWW interface, operator's logging, ticketing and
prioritising system etc etc - but (1) it likes netscape3 or IE4 but not
netscape4, then it was documented in Russion, etc - through I have sent
this system to a few of people over the world, and (2) it's interesting
question if it's interesting to make normal doc's and installations for

It can be achieved as or
STAT.tar.gz, through it's the version configured for the FreeBSD system.

If it's interesting to add this to your list, I can provide any guide for
those who'd like to check it, just as some demo WWW pages.

// Our task was - to monitor more than 300 - 400 links at the same time
(for a few dosen of routers), just as switch ports and CPU, with the
information cards and operational jornals for each object (BGP
connection, LINK, ROUTER, PORT), sound alarming etc etc... It was
debugged well fro Netscape-3 because netscape-4 can't work with the big
tables properly, but it's not problem for us because we can complect
operator's screens (about 5 screens now and about 5 different networks
monitored by our technical centre KIAE here) just as we wish...