SYN floods continue

We got hit again tonight. This time on seven different machines- three
mail hosts, two news machines, our web site, and VTW's web site (we
provide all service for VTW).

I am simply amazed that anyone would attack VTW. Even the shmuck who's
attacking us benefits from VTW's work. Why would anyone attack them?

Anyway. Point is this: We can't take too much more of this, nor can our
customers. I have yet to hear *anyone* come up with any ideas even remotely
reasonable for how to deal with this situation, long term, except for the
filtering that Avi, Perry, and I have been promoting these last few days.

Whether or not existing equipment can handle the job is *IRRELEVANT*. If
it won't, new equipment must be bought. The net won't survive without it.

(And yes, I've been hearing "death of the net" predictions for longer than
most readers of this list have been on the net. This could really be it.)


Did you ever track down the source of the attacks? If not, why not?

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