SYN attack makes NandO Times as well...

Avi Freedman writes:

> And if it is politics, maybe someone'll listen to this: Lucent Technologies
> and CERT (as is right) are getting the limelight for this - wouldn't it be
> great publicity if your company was the provider or one of the providers that
> traced this down and caught the guy?

And some people who worked on host-resistance w/ Alexis until 5am 3 or 4 nights
(and supplied needed source and advice) aren't mentioned either in the PR :slight_smile:

Correct, but not through lack of effort on my part. I believe in credit
where credit is due...

Anyway, the later attacks didn't go on long enough to be traced w/ cooperation
from Sprintlink (who did come around and was enthusiastic about helping).

Well, I wouldn't say "enthusiastic". Maybe "willing". But they take hours
to respond, and that's just not good enough.