Symantec Security Software New Feature Problems or rather making it appear that others have problems

FYI, might as well be aware

Norton Internet Security has evidently installed a new feature that pre-scans the inline html images prior to writing the images to the temp dir and displaying them in the web-browser. This is a good thing, right? Maybe or maybe not, as it is purportedly to protect clients from those nasty virus filled websites and spimmers. Well, it is also generating a huge amount of complaints because the user can see the page until the scan is finished, god forbid they pre-load images.

Any hoot, with Norton Security active “verizon’s page” loads in 2 mins and, when inactive the same page loads in 3 seconds. Same holds true on MCI’s site and on CNET you can really see it drag. Kinda feels like the 1200 Baud Days again.

In the end we will all hear that the sites are taking far too long to load, and the answer is to drop the client side firewall. That still doesn’t sound good . . . Windows.

Ref: Norton Internet Security 4.0 2002, 2003 & 2004 Windows Client Side.