SWM ISO empirical operational data...

smart-operator-folk -

  I am trying to determine the top-500ish source and
  destination ASes on the Net today, as measured by the
  aggregate amount of either ingress or egress traffic.

  Ideally, I'd have data that was granular enough to be
  broken down by geographical regions as well.

  There just isn't useful public data out there that is
  extensive enough, relevant, or complete. There are
  lists of "top 50 web sites in the UK", "top 10 most
  popular sites", and "15 top financial sites", and
  such, but I couldn't find anything useful that was
  based on true traffic analysis, or wasn't skewed by
  incomplete views.

  Netflow data from various sources is proving to be the
  most useful, but I need more views. If anyone has any
  [Netflow or Netflow-like] top-speaker information that
  they would be willing to share, I'd very much appreciate
  it-- please drop me a note offline.

  Also, if you currently operate a network or site that
  is a major source of traffic, (audio|video streaming,
  file sharing, software distribution, etc.) and wouldn't
  mind taking some time to chat with me about your traffic
  characteristics, I'd appreciate it-- please drop me a
  note offline.

  As a last note, [for those international folks following
  this NA list] I am very interested in your views on the
  makeup of your traffic to content providers in the U.S.,
  as it compares to content traffic in your own region.
  ...again, drop me a note offline.

  Thanks all,

- jsb