I am looking for a router preferably (or switch) with the following specs:

1- Carrier grade

2- Dual power supply

3- 1RU

4- Gig and 10Gig interfaces.

5- Does support protocols like BGP, etc.

Any recommendation please? Your help will be appreciated.

Thank you



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Also has to support features for monitoring and security like traffic per
IP, attacks mitigation, etc.

Tél. : 1(855) 563-5835 poste 404

Juniper MX150, except only single PS. But they are cheap enough you could buy two. Upside: most of the MX feature set is available because it is vMX (software) inside.

QFX5110 is more expensive but has more ports and dual PS. Downside: Broadcom chipset limitations.

Hi Karim!

I think that Huawei S5720-EI can serve your needs.

Best Regards,
João Butzke

Cisco ASR9001 - https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/routers/asr-9001-router/data_sheet_c78-685687.html

They are also coming out with a Cisco ASR9901 shortly, I would talk to cisco rep about this.

Hi Karim,

If 1 x RU is a must have, then you might want to look at Cisco ASR1001-X,
it comes with 6 x GigE and 2 x 10GE. It does have throughput limitation,
check out the datasheet to ensure it meets your bandwidth requirements.

Alternatively, the ASR9001 as suggested by Erik is a good entry level,
multipurpose / carrier grade router which comes in 2RU form factor.



Hi Karim,

How about Extream's (formerly Brocade,Foundry) CER2000-RT ?

What are those limitations?

I started to be afraid from those, because just hit recently nasty hash collision issue with EX4550,
with declared 32k mac's it badly choked on 28k macs, and even magic "mac-lookup-length" didn't helped.

I'm considering EX4600, but afraid from it and that possibly other juniper models have hash collision issues too.
(As said on KB32325, affected models EX3200, EX3300, EX4200, EX4500, EX4550, and EX6210 have 8192 hash table FDB entries, but it might be outdated)
And till now vendor didn't make troubleshooting of this problem easier, when you upgrade from 12.x to 15.x, you get dead RE hitting load average 30+,
and you can't even ssh to switch.

The ZTE 5928 has 24x 1G and 4x 10G. It has dual PSU with options for both
AC and DC power. It will do BGP, MPLS etc with about 30.000 routes. Price
is approximately 2k USD.

If you need more 10G ports there is the ZTE 5960 with 24x 10G plus 2x 40G
at approximately twice the price.

Also take a peek at the switches at fs.com.


Perhaps you could also checkout the HP A5800-24G-SFP, it's an SFP type
switch pretty good, the only downside, however, is that it has a
weird limitation on the number of received BGP routes - but with some
tweaking you can hack it. They can also do a cluster setup through an
IRF port, has a expansion slot for an extra 6x10gig module.

This link https://www.cnet.com/products/hp-a5800-48g-switch-switch-48-ports-managed-series/specs/
shows another related model, the only difference is that it has
electrical gig ports.


Paschal Masha.