SURA Fix-East Scheduled outage

03/05/92 The FIX-East - The sites on sura's Federal Internet Exchange
23:00-23:15 will be unreachable tonight (3/5) for a period of approximately
    15 minutes for maintainance to facilitate the installation
    of the new ENSS-145. The following site will be unreachable
    via suranet for the 15 minute anticipated outage.
                NASA - Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center
          TWB- The Terrestrial Wide Band Gateway
    ESNET - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Mitre - The Mitre/Milnet Mailbridge

Apologies for the short notice,

Youthana Sivali
SURAnet Operations

From bsb Fri Mar 6 08:32:19 1992
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