Super Core Hardware suggestions

Hey All

We are looking for suggestions for a device to act as a super Core Device / MPLS P router only.
There seems to be plenty of Chassis based solutions out there that also cater for a lot more.
We ideally would like a 1RU or 2RU device - Handling MPLS / IGP only

* Ideally 16 to 48 ports of 10Gig - SFP

* Non-blocking line rate capable on all ports.

* MPLS / OSPF /BFD / ISIS / RSVP-TE capably.

* Deep buffers on the ports would also be nice

* With a possible option of 40Gig uplinks..


The Juniper PTX1000 is worth a look.


Tim Raphael

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Thank You
Bob Evans

I suspect you might want to look at the QFX10002-36Q series:


Also the first thing I thought of - PTX1000 was the other Juniper
option, also mentioned.

Cisco don't have much of a box in this role - I suppose the 6840-X might
suit your requirements, but it's not really targeted at the P function.


we�re using H3C S5820v2 (== HP 5900AF) switches for our 10Gbe servers, as HP won the public tender:

- 1RU
- Broadcom Trident I ASIC
- 48x 10Gbe SFP+, 4x40GbE QSFP+
- NO deep buffer (on that specific switch)
- The switch itself is inexpensive, but
- NO HP lifetime warranty. We need hardware carepacks and also purchased software carepacks, but
- even with a software carepack, it�s unfortunately not possible to get bugs fixed for years (for some older H3C device).
- We�re running OSPF+BFD, OSPFv3+BFD. (According to the datasheet, they can do ISIS+ISISv6 + MPLS, too - Never tested on those)
- NO "In Service Software Upgrade� (ISSU), also not on HP�s bigger modular switches with redundant fabrics. As soon you have a software upgrade, you�re lost. If HP tells you something about "ISSU", that�s only for some hot patches, but I have seen only 1 within the last year for all of our HP/H3C devices.
- HP optics are quite expensive. But you could actually put every other vendor coded SFP module in it (for now) and it works. (Yes it will warn you within logging)
- If you need higher quantities talk to your HP representative. Cisco is not the only vendor that can give 70% off price list...

Btw, if I were allowed to buy something else, I�d go for Juniper...


Do you need redundant control plane cards? That's usually what pushes a device beyond the 2RU point. If you do you could look at the ASR9004 or MX240,those are above your 2RU limit though.

The PTX1000 or QFX10K or even the QFX5100 might work fine. You aren't going to find deep buffers in those boxes though. Brocade may also be an option.


I'm in the same boat myself. One thing I can share is Juniper really
doesn't want to talk about the PTX1000 at all right now as it's not due to
be available until November. They're going to suggest you look at the
MX240/480 instead.

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And what about Juniper ACX5000 (96x SFP + 10GbE and 40GbE QSFP + 8x), you
can consider it as P only?