Sunday NANOG 17 activities

Now that many of you are here, here is an update on the activites
that are taking place tomorrow:

Sunday MORNING: FREE activity, free transportation:

Visit of Teleglobe's iNOC (International Network Operations Center),
a futuristic NOC that is worth the visit.

Two tours, departures from all three hotels, tour takes about one hour.

First tour:

9:00am Holiday Inn Select
9:15am Hotel Wyndham
9:30am Hotel Delta

Second tour:

10:15am Holiday Inn Select
10:30am Hotel Wyndham
10:45am Hotel Delta

Please email to reserve your spot for either tour.


Sunday NIGHT: PAYING activity, FREE transportation courtesy of Nortel
Indoor Go-Karting, 9HP 42MPH go-karts. Bus leaves Wyndham hotel
at 8:45pm. Please email to reserve your spot.
Cost is $35 Cdn + taxes (about $26 US taxes included), 30 minutes
of track time including warm up, qualifications and finals in
three categories.

See you there!