Sunday evening NANOG tutorials

We're pleased to announce two tutorials for Sunday evening, November 8, in

  7:15 - 8:45 "Good ISPs Have No Class - Addressing Nuances and
    Presented by Howard Berkowitz

    A review of some of the more subtle points of CIDR, aggregation,
    and renumbering. Included are tricks and techniques that
    the newer ISP might need, including pure address
    administration and procedures for submitting
    address space justifications. Hank Nussbacher's CIDR FAQ
    is a prerequisite for the session:

  8:45 - 10:45 "External Route Selection: Tips and Techniques for ISPs"
    Presented by Avi Freedman, Net Access

    Tips for ISPs on external route selection, including the
    BGP MED and LOCAL_PREF attributes, peering at multiple
    locations; backup transit; and how to mix transit, public,
    and private peering.

We've also added several other presentations to the Mon. - Tues. schedule: