Summary of ANTI-spam techniques now available

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But please, don't send me "please remove X cause they're really decent".
Corporate reputations are built on a foundation of cooperation and trust;
when an ISP tolerates bad behavior despite constant complaints from the
community, they quickly lose that trust.

I agree. I wish there was a better way to distribute information
regarding spammers other than NANOG. If there is, I'd love the
pointer. As far as trust, there's no reason not to trust what I
say will be done. Unless of course it's not done. Anyhow..[..]

Since NANOG is for technical issues, this is the only "position" mail I'll
post concerning the "who is on the list" issue. Please send me private
mail if you'd like to discuss it further.

I agree with you, but a link pointing to technical operational
documents advocating the blocking of an *ISP* has just been propagated
to a lot of souls with the power to crush this domain and I feel it
is imperative I at least make a statement.

Overall, our position is this:

Datablast.NET is an ISP we resell services to and provide
service bureau activities for. While they have been recently
victimized by multiple spammers on the Internet, they are not
responsible in so far as they allow them to do it. Frankly,
I am responsible since we haven't "done the work" to make it
stop. I just started here at TIAC a few weeks ago and this is
on my priority list. Now, since it's been propagated in a place
that can basically destroy this ISP, it's been moved up on my
plate. We will implement all the measures that are techically
possible. Now, a rhetorical question. Should AOL be packet
filtered since many spammers abuse them? Of course not. In
fact an ISP with a large customer base would basically get
slapped around by it's users. It just can't be done.

In the meantime, if someone on this list finds they are
being spammed by datablast or TIAC, you can email me
directly if you'd like and we'll act.

I've set the reply-to back to me, but if someone *can* see
an operational value. Please feel free to change it.

And I have no excuses.

I've got a list running which is specifically for ISP's to
  discuss mail filtering options; it's pretty much dead right
  now, but that might be a good place to move this to.

  Mail to <> with
  a Subject of "subscribe" -- I have to approve each request,
  so if we haven't conversed much in the past then please tell
  me which ISP you work for in the body of the message.