SUMMARY: IP allocations, renumbering, and RFC 2050

Much thanks to all who responded. I seemed to get a pretty consistent
response from everybody who replied: Your Milage May Vary. Some people had
had no problem with getting renumbering time, some people had had tons of
problems. Some people said MCI had been very reasonable, some said that CW
changed their policies.

  At any rate, once I knew I wasn't being that unrealistic, I emailed the IP
allocation people at MCI, and got this response (which they asked me to post
back to this list):


This is the correct email address for such requests. The only problem
being the length of time you are requesting. Our normal policy is to allow
15 days which can be extended to 30 days. Of course this all depends on
the number of addresses and types of applications that require
renumbering. Please send all the information regarding this request to
include circuit ID's of both customers to Also I would
like to know who you talk to at Cable & Wireless that gave you the
impresssion that we were unwilling to work with our customers. Please do
me a favor and spread the word on all the mailing lists that are bashing
us right now that we will negotiate a reasonable time for renumbering for
any customers that leave Cable & Wireless (with emphasis on reasonable).
Thank you.

(I have omitted the name and telephone number of the technician that sent
this response). So it sounds like our customer just talked to a butthead
salesperson who didn't want them to know what they could do.

Thanks again,