Suggestions for managed DNS provider?

Hi all, anyone have suggestions for very stable/reliable managed DNS?
Neustar/UltraDNS is an obvious option to look at, just curious about
alternatives. Cost effective would be nice, but stable under attack is



Not tested under attack, but this DNS provider is worth a look since
it's the only one with both IPv6 and DNSSEC a colleague could find:


DynDNS was pretty decent for us. We had a fair amount of load with
them and they handled it with no problem.

Hi David - We use DynDNS at my company, and we're very happy with it. I've also used DNSMadeEasy at previous companies and found them to be rock solid and very affordable. I think about two years or so ago, they survived a full on botnet DDoS attack with no service outage - which my monitoring at the time confirmed as well.

Hope that helps!


I'm extremely happy with Dyn, for both personal and work (Twitter.)

Their staff is fantastic and great to deal with.


Not sure about attacks, or what exactly "managed DNS" is, but is a very nice service, with many anycast servers in many
of their POPs. The is an IPv4 unicast in Fremont, but
ns{2,3,4,5} are all anycast on both IPv4 and IPv6, usually to
different locations (HKG, FMT, SJC, PAO, LAX, NYC, LON, FRA, AMS are
just some of the locations I've seen), depending on where you're at.

Linode also lets you use their DNS infrastructure without any
restrictions as long as you're a Linode customer (they have 5
independent unicast IPv4/IPv6 servers, 4 in US, 1 in UK).


Agree with John, Dyn are awesome.

- Register your external IP with a Dyn account, and start controlling which site categories or custom URL lists to allow/block.
- Get very good reports of which sites are popular
- Get reports of DNS requests for "known" bad sites



Great company....


Hi David,

I don't know "what exactly 'managed DNS' is" too, but Amazon
Route53<>is very reliable (but not cost
effective) AFAIK. Rackspace also have "Free
Cloud-Based DNS Management <>", but I've
never used it. You can find more information about "Free Secondary
DNS" here<>


I have been a big fan of CommunityDNS for many years. Their
infrastructure is very robust and the prices very reasonable too. If there
is anything that needs improvement, it would be their draconian reporting
tool. Otherwise, it is hard to beat them for no non-sense reasonably priced
DNS hosting.

It's not 100% clear what you mean here, resolvers or authoritative
DNS, but, in either case, my suggestions are the same, OpenDNS has
been reliable for me as a resolver service, and DynDNS (now just Dyn)
has been great for authoritative and secondary nameservers for me.
For authoritative nameservers I haven't looked for anything to deal
with huge numbers of domains, just a few dozen.

Hm. Your colleague didn't look very far. All of the registries and registrars who use our DNS back-end have had both v6 and DNSSEC for a very long time, now.


Maybe Rackspace Cloud DNS.... still would so much rather manage my own

Another vote for Dyn, about 10% cost of UltraDNS and very similar features
and way of billing (queries per second)

Route 53 seems very popular as well.

I think he limited the price scope for yearly figures that do not
require scientific notation... :wink:


I've been using EasyDNS for some time and they've been very stable and reliable.
Cost effective. We use it for some level of failover and load sharing as

-Raj Jalan
@rjalan2 <>

Thanks for all the replies everyone (on and off list), I've got some
great leads I'm investigating now.


If you have a dns server already, you can get some diversity for free with:

of course, this week's outage not withstanding, puck has been pretty
stable for me for this...

+1 on Dyn