Suggestion for NANOG Meeting

We are not ignoring the complaints. I have contacted the spammers and
asked them to stop the unsolicited emails. Problem is that they are not
always our direct customer, so they see us as no threat since we are not
their direct upstream provider. I would just like to see what other large
providers are doing about this problem so we can come to a common policy.


As I said, a meeting about this would be good...
If consensus builds perhaps a community document would then be in order...


Ok, Let me put in my two cents worth on this can of worms I just opened.

As a carrier, I know that we should not and can not filter/censor/monitor
any content on our "pipes". This includes unsolicited emails,
pornography, whatever, but there comes a point where the amount time to
respond these issues that I can not perform the job I am paid to do. I
have a large network to maintain, I don't have time to worry about issues
except ones that directly effect how I run my network. But since I am the
contact listed for various networks, RA entries, etc, I always get brought
into the middle of the battle. So, I am not asking for a meeting to
form policy, I am asking for a meeting to know how other providers are
dealing with this problem without just dropping the emails of angry
recepients into the bit bucket, which is not an solution.


As a carrier, I know that we should not and can not filter/censor/monitor
any content on our "pipes".

So you would ignore one of your customers SYN attacking random victims on
the net? Or one of your T3 customers ping bombing somebody with a T1?

There already is precedent for deal with abuse.


+------------------- H U R R I C A N E - E L E C T R I C -------------------+

That's not content. The term 'content' excludes time, place, and
manner. Blocking a SYN attack is about regulating the manner in which
people can exchange content, not the content they exchange.


And I would suggest that the first level of dealing with spam is by its
traffic characteristics and administrative characteristics. In other
words, while I am incredibly annoyed as a recipient of spam, I am most
concerned by the potential of spam to produce denial of service, through
mail bombs (original or retaliatory), looping spam software, exhausting
spool space, etc. These are not content issues.