Sugestions for a colocation equipment check-list

Does anyone have a list of criteria that is collected when a customer brings equipment into a colocation facility? Things may include make and model, number of power supplies, serial number, etc. Any comments on this type of operation are greatly appreciated.


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On the paranoid side:

   1. Case off:
           inventory internal hardware
           (in case they claim something is missing later)
           look for wireless adapters
           look for what might be antenna's that could be used for sniffing...
           look for bombs/explosives or things that might be triggered later..

   2. Lots of contact information and PH#'s.

   3. A list of what is normally running on that server and what would
      be normal traffic like: just port 80 and 443? or ???


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On the practical side:

A single line on a form, with fields for:

Make and model of item
Description of item or its use
Serial number
Inventory/ID tag (maybe)


Cisco 2501 Router SN# 123123123123 ID# 1234

At the top or bottom of the form are fields for the date, the company that owns the equipment (name, address, phone numbers etc.), the name and signature of person bringing it in (or removing it) and a place and for the Colo security person's signature who verifies the data against the equipment (sometimes).

This has been the standard procedure for all colos that I've installed equipment in to or taken equipment out of, including: (several locations)
PAIX (several locations)
Exodus (several locations)
Equinix (several locations)
NTT in Tokyo

I've never been asked to open a case. I've never been asked to list internal parts (power supplies, ram, hard drives, etc.) or external pieces (cables etc.). I *have* had them paw thru my laptop bag looking for "suspicious items". I have always had a wireless card with me (with my laptop) and never had anyone give it a second look.

Many colos require that you unbox your equipment before bringing it into the colo, and box it after removing it out of the colo (and of course they don't have provide any facility for you to do this on the outside of the security wall). They *really* need better systems for handling boxing and IDing of equipment.