Stupid .org registry code change

During the recent changes to .org, whois stopped being useful for what I need.

> Sponsoring Registrar:R11-LROR

All I really want to know is the Registrar's name/URL to tell my client so they can modify their nameservers.

Does anyone have:

1) A URL to the table that will allow me to lookup a name from the above code (or better, a hack to whois that will do said lookup for me)?

2) The e-mail address where I should my suggestion that the person who came up with this brilliant scheme needs to pursue a new career in a non-IT related field?



whois -h "registry id r11-lror"

Or your whois-implementation-specific version of same. Can't help you on
the clueful contact at PIR.

It would help if I could type. s/registry/registrar/ - sorry.

which finds: