Stupid Ipv6 question...

From: Joe Abley <>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 19:55:10 -0500

> In any case, if the prefix length is >64, routing is done in the
> CPU.

Engineers at Juniper seem to be telling me that this is definitively
not the case for their M- and T-series routers. Which routers were you
referring to?

Odd. Juniper engineers have assured me that this is th case with M and T
series routers (or any router using the IP2 chip).

To clarify a bit, if the networks are connected, or "direct" in
Juniper-ese. then the CPU is not involved. Only if there is a real
"routing decision" made. OS if you have several connected /126s or /127s
on a single router, you are OK, but if you are truly sub-netting a
prefix longer than a /64 to several routers, then the CPU gets to figure
out where a packet goes.

I'd love to hear this is wrong, but it was confirmed to m by a rather
senor engineer at Juniper, not a JTAC phone droid. Would Tony care to