Student dissertation or company press releases

A gradute student writes a dissertation, and people are talking about
locking it up before they leave the building. On the other hand,
government contractors are issuing press releases about Internet web
portals connecting emergency first responders in the Washington DC area.

While some people think any information sharing is potentially dangerous,
I'm pleased to see both Sean Gorman's dissertation and the Pentagon Force
Protection Agency cybercop multi-agency web portal.

ARLINGTON, Va., July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The Pentagon Force Protection
Agency (PFPA), established by the Department of Defense after the attack
on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, coordinates security for the
Pentagon and DoD interests and disseminates threat prevention, education
and preparedness information within the Region. To assist in managing
sensitive information among the many groups protecting the Pentagon, PFPA
has deployed a secure, Internet based portal operated by The ESP Group,
LLC. The portal provides secure collaboration support for sensitive but
unclassified information including secure messaging, file sharing,
threaded discussions, task tracking, calendar / scheduling, meeting
coordination, security alerts and private web pages.
    The PFPA Cybercop Portal links together law enforcement, first
responders, military and homeland security related officials in the
National Capital Region. The Cybercop Portal bridges the system
stovepipes at participating agencies by providing a separate means to
collaborate using the security controls necessary to handle sensitive but
unclassified law enforcement information. Users can access the portal
from any web browser that supports high encryption. They share
information on a wide range of Pentagon related issues including
terrorism issues, protests and suspicious activity in the area, or area
traffic flow and parking problems.
    The ESP Group, LLC is a secure applications service provider that
specializes in operating highly secure collaboration systems for a variety
of Government and commercial clients. It has been selected for numerous
Homeland Security projects including support of the Office for Domestic
Preparedness during the nationally recognized TOPOFF 2 exercise; providing
secure collaboration for the Department of Homeland Security's Senior
Advisory Committees; participation in the Domestic Emergency Response
Information Service, funded by the Office of the Secretary of Defense; as
well as providing a Cybercop Portal for 4000+ law enforcement and first
responders from all 50 states and 18 countries. The portals are provided
on a turn-key basis which includes hosting, monitoring, customization,
training and a full-service help desk. The ESP Group, LLC also employs a
highly skilled software development team that specializes in building
customized applications to client specifications.