strawman for discussion in Ann Arbor

In general the idea is good.

Within Ripe a new working group called the "EEPG" was started at the
last Ripe meeting, and this group has a very simular agenda.

Chairman is Bernhard Stockman.

To Peter F's proposal I have a comment;

     Interexchange coordination (e.g. Mae-East, etc.)
       (network operators as customers of NSFNET NAPs)

As the 'GIX-part' of MAE-east servers the Universe, not only one part
of the global Internet, I would stress that is one of the tasks of the
IEPG, if we all agree on that the IEPG is the place where the regional
coordinating bodys meet.

As the US side has NAP's and Europe has IXF's, and they are different,
It makes sence to put them on the regional agenda.


cheers and see you in A**2,

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-Peter (L)