Straw Poll - Multipoint Ethernet Connections Best Practices

Hello All:

As more and more providers move towards Ethernet as a common connection
type in Data Centers, Metro Areas and beyond, I am curious to know what
people are using for Best Practices regarding customer connectivity into
your Layer 2 networks. Most importantly, how do you handle customers
that want redundant Ethernet connections? I've put together the
following list of questions and I'd be happy to summarize to the list if
there's any interest. Also, if individuals have any other pertinent
questions they feel I've left out, please don't hesitate to let me know.

1) Do you allow redundant Ethernet (Layer 2) connections into your
2) Do you allow customers to connect at Layer 2? And, if so:
  a) What, if any, port-based limitations on protocols? (Root
Guard, BPUD-filtering, etc.?)
  b) What, if any, MAC restrictions do you have on the ports?
3) Do you allow customers to transmit HSRP/VRRP/GLBP state information
across your Layer 2 infrastructure?
4) Do you require Layer 3 terminations for customers with redundant
5) Do you provide OSPF "peering" to customers with redundant
6) Do you provide BGP peering to customers with redundant connections?


Michael K. Smith (my real, given name) :slight_smile: